2 Reasons to Love the Facebook Pages Feed Feature

How many times have you gotten a request to “Like” a page that perhaps you didn’t really like? Maybe you liked it in support of a friend who has started a new venture or business, or maybe at one time or another you really did like a given topic or page. Or perhaps, you liked a page because you entered a contest, and the reality is – you are not totally captivated by the brand after the contest has ended… I was realizing this morning I have liked (at this point) 340 different pages. And maybe I really do like those topics, but do I have the time to really follow 340 Facebook Pages? The short answer is no way!

With a large number of friends on Facebook, I often here from people “Didn’t see that? I posted it on Facebook!” I hardly have time to keep up with everything my friends are posting let alone the pages I like… Facebook thought of that and introduced the “Pages Feed,” and I love it!

The Pages Feed is just like your news feed, only it filters out all the other noise and brings you only the updates from the Pages you have liked -whether it’s 10 pages or 340. To access your personal Pages Feed, all you have to do is click on the Pages Feed link on your home screen of Facebook (shown here at the right).

Here are my two reasons for loving the Facebook Pages Feed:

First – It gives me a chance to catch up on the brands and pages I follow while filtering out all the personal stuff at the same time. I can quickly review the latest business news, articles and such in one feed. I love this, it’s a time saver! In using this feed, I also now realize the weight of motorsports and racing related pages that I really do like! Yes!

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Second – I can easily clean house. Going back to how I started this post, there are many pages that I liked for a reason or a season, and there are pages that I want to stay connected to (anything racing for sure will stay on my radar). In fact, I eliminated over 40 from my feed that I no longer wish to follow, just in the process of writing this post. I was actually surprised by some of the pages in my list. I know I have a poor memory, but when the heck did I actually click a “like” button on some of these pages?

I’m sorry, but I am not sure I will enhance my life any by liking a page dedicated to Norwegian Curling Pants – though I had like that page at one point in support of a friend. TastyKakes on the other hand – that is a brand I want to stay in touch with since you cannot buy them in many places, and especially now with the fall of Hostess.

Well I am safely below 300 now, phew!

That said with all of this, as I clean out my list, I find myself even more grateful for each and every page like I do have on any of the pages I manage on Facebook. As more people are working to filter out unnecessary noise of Facebook, it’s important to recognize that there is interest in the things you or your brand may have to say.

Give thanks this year for each of the likes you have on your Facebook page, and remember, they are not obligated to like you! Give them a reason this season to be thankful that they like you!

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