2 Facebook Algorithm Updates That Will Confuse You

It would be great if Facebook asked its users whether they were ready for an algorithm update before it threw it as a surplice that almost always annoys them. Recently Facebook has made two updates to the News Feed algorithm that most users don’t like. One of the changes makes community managers confused, while the other one seems harmless at first sight, but raises questionable issues about the post structure.

Before we dig deeper into these changes, let’s set one thing straight: almost all changes Facebook has made up to this point have turned out to be good in the long run, so that will probably be the case with the new updates as well. However, that doesn’t make us any less annoyed when the things we are used to get changed.

Update 1: News feed with more relevant articles

Facebook’s attempt to provide its users with the most relevant articles according to their interests resulted with this update. However, the outcome doesn’t seem like Facebook paid a lot of attention to the factors that make up high-quality content, because most users are complaining that they see things irrelevant to their interests. The new News Feed became richer with article links, especially on the mobile version. The goal of this update is for the user to be able to recognize the difference between a cute cat picture hosted on an unsafe website and a great blog article that’s attracting many clicks.
The News Feed also shows articles similar to the ones the users just read, so the outcome should be a list more relevant to the user’s online activity. The Bumping feature has been updated to keep the engagement with the articles by showing those that are getting comments. Marketers are confused by this because they still don’t know if they will be able to post photos with links and get the same level of involvement or they will be forced to use the link preview feature.

Update 2: Engaging posts are no longer enough. Advertising is now necessary!

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Facebook has been encouraging administrators to post quality content and use paid advertising for quite some time now. The new update has made this recommendation a rule, as it declines the organic reach of page owners even if they do their best to post high-quality content. In its essence, this means that organic reach will depend on the investment into advertising products.

If you are asking for a solution to this problem, it is recommended to invest a small amount into Facebook advertising to ensure the increasing trend of likes. The ideal strategy should be based on the paid, owned, and earned media pillars. If you want to reach more audience, you will need to stop seeing Facebook as a free marketing tool.
At the end of the day, there is no reason to be scared because great content can always find its way around Facebook. As long as you keep your community happy with the content you generate, your Facebook popularity will be just fine. These are the factors you should focus on:

  • Always think whether or not your audience would like to see a certain post in their News Feeds
  • Ask yourself whether the content you post is shareable
  • Build the credibility of your business in the eyes of your audience
  • Always post relevant and timely posts.

In conclusion, it definitely wouldn’t hurt if you invested some money to give the needed boost to your presence on Facebook.

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