10 Facebook Content Pitfalls

We have discussed the importance of engaging Facebook content on a number of occasions at this stage. We also know that images are the most effective way to gain exposure and reach out to your audience. That being said, however, it’s still very easy to fall into a trap of repetitive, bland content.

We’ve all seen them in our timelines; the same tired image of a sleeping kitten or a baby making a funny face. In many cases, we don’t even notice them anymore because we scroll right passed them. This is a nightmare for digital marketers – so to make sure your content isn’t going unnoticed, here are 10 Facebook Content Pitfalls to avoid.

1. Hit Like if …

Hit Like If Facebook Content

A classic lack-luster engagement tactic nearly everyone is guilty of. Sharing a picture is perfectly acceptable, and yes you hope it gets a few likes and maybe a few shares, but it looses its impact when you’re asking so directly.

2. I don’t like Mondays …

It's only Monday

Nobody likes Mondays, and we don’t need to be reminded of this. The problem with these posts is that they are never going to have anything to do with your brand, what you do or anything about your company. Not exactly an effective marketing strategy, is it?

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3. Happy Humpday

It's only Wednesday

Are we seeing a pattern here? Informing people that it’s Wednesday, Humpday or that we’re already halfway through the week is little consolation and also incredibly annoying. It’s hardly going to get you noticed either, you’ll only blend in with everyone else pointing out the same thing.

4. Hurray it’s Friday!

It's Friday

It’s safe to say that any and all what-day-it-is posts should be well and truelly avoided. Smart content marketing isn’t about spamming your audience with random content – it’s about bringing them something that interests them and tells them something about your business.

5. Commenting on your own post

Commenting on your own post

It’s a hard and fast rule, if you comment on your own posts to feign audience engagement – you will get found out eventually. You can’t force audience engagement and you can’t fake it either. Actions like this will only attract the wrong kind of attention.

6. Creating your own Meme

Corporate Facebook Meme resized 600

Memes comes from the dark corners of the Internet. Nobody is really sure where. Don’t be tempted to create your own or sponge off the popularity of the latest one doing the rounds.

7. Jumping on newstories

Sharing News story on corporate Facebook page

Your business’s Facebook page should remain impartial. If a newstory relates to your industry it makes sense to share it or start a discussion. Local news or controversial topics are best avoided and that includes religious affairs, you don’t want to alienate any members of your network.

8. Wish I was here …

Wish I was Here

Facebook is full of people sharing their holiday snaps – your business doesn’t need to be one of them. Every weekend Facebook is full of pictures of blue skies and white sands and people daydreaming about vacations. Don’t set your audience off daydreaming when you’re trying to get their attention.

9. Share vs Like debates

Share vs Like Facebook Debate

This is more forced engagement. Audiences catch on quickly. Likes and shares are best case scenarios and do gain you extra exposure – but gimmicks like this don’t amount to any tangible exposure and are unlikely to lead to credible leads.

10. Keep Calm and …

Keep Calm Facebook mem

The Internet moves extremely quickly. Just as something becomes popular, it falls out of fashion. Keep Calm and Carry On had it’s time, as did adding your own words to quickly mocked up poster. It’s time to let this one go.

If we can take anything from this, is not to get complacent with our social media. Falling into old habits or following a trend may be an easy way out, but it doesn’t yeild the results you really want.

If you want to avoid these pitfalls in your Facebook marketing – why not download our Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media and make sure your Facebook content is on track.

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