Why Do I Need Facebook Marketing?

why do i need facebook marketing

The reasons for any business needing Facebook marketing are not too dissimilar to the reasons why businesses undertake any form of marketing activity in general. However, there are a number of specific benefits to be gained from marketing on Facebook which I will focus on in this post.

Making better use of content

When you share your content on your Facebook business page, you are in effect making better use of that content and adding more value to every piece of content that you decide to share in this social media channel. If you have blog content in the form of a new blog post, a new piece of company PR to share or want to distribute your industry news to a wider audience, then Facebook marketing will help.

Free online marketing

Think of the great free online marketing tools that have been accepted globally by businesses and, for me, the list is pretty short; I’m thinking email marketing, direct marketing through your website and social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter marketing and more). Any way in which you can reach a much larger audience for free (OK you need an internet connection, a PC etc but I’m assuming most, if not all, businesses are internet ready) must form part of your marketing mix. If you have not created a business landing page for Facebook marketing, do it today!

Getting access to networks of people

When a Facebook user shares or likes content that you post on your business page, you have reached out to an entirely new set of contacts that you might not have been able to contact through any other means. If I have 150 friends on Facebook and I like your blog post link, my 150 friends will see that blog post on my Facebook timeline and activity. If a friend of mine then shares that link with their 250 friends, they will then see that blog post. With a very limited amount of effort of your behalf you have accessed an entire community of contacts that did not cost you a thing. If you buy a lot of data lists maybe this spend could be better utilised on using a social media agency for professional Facebook marketing?

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Extra online marketing management information

Facebook’s free insights management information provides a vast amount of unique online management information that you cannot gain anywhere else. So – marketing on Facebook is free, it’s relatively quick to set up and manage and they give you access to free social media and Facebook marketing specific marketing intelligence that you cannot get anywhere else (or if you can it will cost you money). What you do with this information is up to you but you will be able to improve your business marketing and therefore your marketing ROI with this data.

The list so far is literally the tip of the iceberg and below are some key areas that, although outside of the remit of this blog, are critical benefits from using Facebook marketing for you to consider if you have not been converted to the benefits of using Facebook for your business:

  • Getting more website traffic
  • Getting more leads through Facebook
  • Engaging with your target market more effectively
  • Encouraging people to share your content for free
  • Targeting new audiences
  • Improving your corporate messaging
  • Building new relationships
  • Adding more credibility to your online and offline brand

Keep an eye out for future posts in my ‘why do I need….?’ series.

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