Social Media Interview for a University of Hertfordshire Dissertation

I was recently asked a few dissertation questions by a student from the University of Hertfordshire (that’s just north of London in case you are wondering). The questions were about how Link Humans was set up and how we move things forward. Here are my answers:

What’s the background information about Link Humans?

Link Humans was set up in 2010, the objectives are to consult, train and advise companies on the use of social media for recruitment, marketing, brand building. There were two of us starting out in London and we are currently four, based in London and Paris.

What issues did you face in marketing and promoting your business during the early days?

No brand awareness for Link Humans to begin with but we did have our personal brands to leverage (still do!). No budget for marketing so we have done it all ourselves on social media and networking events in London.

What social media tools you use to promote your business and how effective are they to reach your target market?

We blog about once per week on the Link Humans site, these blogs posts are then broadcast to Twitter via the @LinkHumans account and our personal accounts. We also share our blog posts on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Blogging has been very effective as long as we write relevant articles about the target market and make sure that industry people see the posts. We try to ensure the content is inspirational, the idea is that potential clients will see what other clients have done successfully and will want to work with us.

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How can your business make the best use of social media?

I hope we’re already doing it. We’re all very active on Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and some of us use Facebook and Google Plus with success. We could use YouTube more and add informational videos, on-screen tutorials, interviews and testimonials.

What are the difficulties or challenges faced when using social media related to your business?

Time – Twitter for instance can be very time consuming, we try not to get sucked in too much as it’s easy to lose an hour just following a hashtag.

Delegation – who does what on a daily basis, we have keep a schedule of activities and responsibilities.

Keeping it relevant – we know that prospective clients are probably not going to be on Pinterest, instead they will want to read a meaty blog post that relates to their challenges. So whilst we are early adopters of new social networks we have to remember who our target audience are.

Social media is a mode of communication that develops everyday, how do you update yourself?

Everyone at Link Humans deals with social media but it’s still difficult to keep up with new developments as changes happen constantly. There is so much information out there, the trick is to filter it down to what is really important. One way of doing this is to use Google News, LinkedIn Signal and reading respectable blogs.

How do you measure the success of using social media?

Quantitative – followers, conversations, website analytics, email subscribers, enquiries, business meetings, sales

Qualitative – brand awareness, reputation, word-of-mouth

See more at The Story of Link Humans [Video Interview].

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