Rumor: Is Tara Reid Dating a 60-Year-Old Jeweler?

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Although major age gaps in celebrity relationships have become more common, people were shocked when Tara Reid was spotted looking quite comfortable with Fawaz Gruosi, a man 26 years her senior. So is it true? Are the two really dating? According to Reid’s rep, the rumors are “totally false” and the two are just friends. That said, Reid recently told E! host, Giuliana Rancic, that while she is very content being single, she wouldn’t say “no” to meeting a new guy, according to E! Online.

What are some ways to tell that your age difference is affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most celebrity relationships with a significant age gap don’t last very long. Here are some warning signs that your age difference is affecting your relationship:

1. Jealousy: If you start to notice your mate getting fed up with all the attention you’re getting from others, then beware! Whether he’s older or younger, he may be feeling insecure about his own age. Similarly, if you begin feeling insecure about your own worth to him, it can hinder your relationship.

2. One of you wants to try new things but the other doesn’t: While one of you is still in an “up for anything” mentality, the other has already been there and might not want to do certain things. When it becomes a constant trend that one of you stays in while the other goes out, it may be time to call it quits.

3. You have the same arguments: The fact that you’re in different places in your lives can lead to conflict over the same topic. You want kids, he doesn’t. He wants to move, you don’t. No matter how mature both of you are, or how in love, recognizing your own wants and needs first is a must.

How did you know than an age difference was hurting your relationship? Tell us your story below.

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  • “Most celebrity relationships with a significant age gap don’t last very long”. You mean like Woody Allen’s? The reason there are no comments is because people are tired of your worn out old rhetoric. Age-gapped relationships can work just fine if people are willing to work at them, just like same-age relationships. The problem is, people like you paint them with a broad brush and stereotype them, like the tabloids and gossip press have been doing for decades. It’s time for a change.

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