Pixar’s Trailer for “Brave” Shows New Movie Is “Brave” Risk

Pixar has come through and through with original, fun stories.  While being known for movies about toys, bugs and monsters, there only venture into human stories has been limited.  After a weak disappointment with Cars 2, Pixar is looking to make another gamble with their latest tale, “Brave.”

From the trailer for “Brave,” Pixar appears to be creating something along the lines of “Up” and “The Incredibles” with a focus on telling an emotional story focused on humans themselves instead of through representations like a fish in “Finding Nemo.”  The movie has the potential to map a new wave for Pixar.

“Brave” follows Scottish princess Merida (voiced by “Boardwalk Empire’s” Kelly MacDonald) as a young woman determined to carve out her own place in the world. She rebels against her parents (Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson) and defies her country’s age-old custom in order to seek her own independence. In doing so, she unwittingly unleashes chaos on her kingdom and is forced to “discover the meaning of true bravery” in order to right the wrongs she created.

There’s some really impressive animation in “Brave,” as Pixar fans have come to expect.  The Scottish accents kept reminding me of the movie, “How to Train a Dragon.”  “Brave” is one of my more anticipated films of 2012.

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