Kanye West Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

Kanye West Sex Tape Being Shopped Around Right Now

So, in other words, you’ll have to wait a bit to see it, if you even wanted to in the first place. The tape is going to have a run time that lingers around the 20-minute mark and it will have a Kim Kardashian look-a-like. However, as of right now, Kanye West and the porn companies are doing a little bit of battling over rights to the tape. This is what a source close to the action, so to speak, had to say:

Kanye’s camp has been negotiating for the sex tape so he can buy back the copyright and it’s never released. The problem is that adult entertainment companies are offering huge amounts of money for rights to the tape, so Kanye and his team are working overdrive trying to work something out.

Kanye should just sell it to one of the porn companies making him offers. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to embarrass the Kardashian clan with a sex tape or anything. Hell, I’m sure he could get Kris Jenner involved and she could even negotiate deals for him to get him the best price. I mean, she did make sure she profited from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Just check out this article if you want more info: Kris Jenner Had Involvement With Her Daughter’s, Kim Kardashian’s, Sex Tape!

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