Is Stone Cold Steve Austin Coming Back to the WWE?

WHAT?!?! Stone Cold Steve Austin possibly set to appear at Wrestlemania 30

There’s a ton of rumor going around right now that Stone Cold Steve Austin may be making a return to the WWE. To be more specific, rumors are stating that the ex-WWE Superstar will be having a match at Wrestlemania 30.

Stone Cold Steve Austin V.S. Triple H at Wrestlemania 30?

The rumor is that Austin will be returning to the WWE for one match. Apparently, a lot of people think he’s going to come back and fight Triple H at Wrestlemania, but Triple H hasn’t even been an active superstar lately, either. He’s probably too busy doing things backstage.

What could Stone Cold Steve Austins return mean for the WWE?

A lot of people love Stone Cold Steve Austin, A.K.A. the Texas Rattlesnake. He’s one of America’s favorite beer-chugging rednecks to ever grace the television! Without a doubt, if Stone Cold made a return to the ring, it would pull in some HUGE numbers for the WWE.

A Stone Cold Steve Austin return would probably even bring in bigger numbers for the WWE than when The Rock and John Cena met in the ring. As we all know, The Rock was supposed to become a once again permanent figure on the roster, but that didn’t really happen.

Would you be pumped if Stone Cold Steve Austin came back to WWE?

If so, let us know by leaving a comment below. Who do you think he should meet in the ring if he comes back? Do you think now is the right time? Would you buy Wrestlemania 30 if Stone Cold made a comeback at the event? Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to the WWE would be huge news and we want to know what you think!

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