Fox Plans Saturday Night Cartoon Block, Scholastic’s News Election Website, LOL With Miley Cyrus

Get ready for more laughs as Fox adds a late-night block of cartoons (to its Saturday night lineup! Given how popular the networks’ animated comedies are — “Family Guy,” “The Cleveland Show,” and “American Dad” are some of Millennials’ favorites — we think Gen Y will be excited for more humor on Saturdays from 11pm-12:30am. Led by Nick Weidenfeld, the former head of development for “Adult Swim,” the new Fox programs will be short episodes on TV and distributed across its digital network, and if they do well, they can become full-length shows! In other TV news, ABC Family — a favorite network among Millennials — is exploring competition-style and nonfiction reality shows to air later this year. This would be quite different from the network’s current programming, but we’re eager to see what they create. We’re also excited that their cancelled show “Nine Lives of Chloe King” is getting another life…as a movie!) (NY Times) (Broadcast & Cable) (Deadline)

Today’s youth are politically active and want to be educated about the election (even if they’re too young to vote. And thanks to sites like Scholastic’s News Election 2012 website they can easily do so! The site will provide age-appropriate coverage from now until November, with guides, an interactive map of each state, games, and an election poll that will open in August. Speaking of Millennials and politics, they’re more accepting of socialism than previous generations and even have a slight preference for it over capitalism. We’re not wholly surprised — this is the generation that has devoted itself to social good, after all) (Cynopsis Kids) (Good.is)

Get ready to ‘LOL’ with Miley Cyrus…no really! (She’s starring in an upcoming Millennial-centric film of that title about moody teenage years, growing up with technology, experiencing love, and finding yourself. Miley plays a wild child who puts her social life before school in what Vulture calls a “Skins-lite rom-com.” Did we mention that her character is named Lola but everyone calls her LOL…as in the IM acronym? Maybe instead of LOLing we’ll be SMHing) (Entertainment Weekly)

Millennials are tech-savvy, so it’s no surprise that when they have a problem with a product (they turn to the Internet for an answer. Fully 15% of 16-24 year olds go to social media first for customer service which is why they expect fast responses from brands on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. One-third of consumers go to chat rooms, watch video tutorials, and post a question online. They want information to be more accessible so if they can’t find it easily on a site, they’ll ask the question directly. Speaking of which, check out the ways in which brands can invest in their future by better understanding what Gen Y wants. Or if you’d rather hear it from a Millennial, here’s what one has to say about his generation’s manifesto) (econsultancy) (MediaPost) (Trippedmedia)

A look at their social media activity tells us a lot about Millennials’ personal lives, including their work lives (according to new data from Millennial Branding and Identified.com which reveals they have an average of 16 co-worker friends on Facebook. Millennials don’t draw a line between their personal and professional lives as previous generations have, which sometimes leads to pitfalls when the two mesh on social media sites. Check back with us tomorrow for a post about our chat with the study’s author!) (Personal Branding)

– NFSW: you may or may not want to click on this… The Sh** Girls Say trend has taken a new tone (that we wish we hadn’t ever seen. What started off as a funny Twitter account and Web video series about a guy dressed in drag reciting stereotypical statements that, well, girls say, has led to other videos and parodies making fun of different backgrounds, races, and nationalities. We realize it’s a viral phenomenon among Millennials intended to poke fun at everyone, but we think this is blurring the line between comical and cruel. We feel like we just took a big step backwards in the crusade against cyberbullying) (SocialTimes)

It was only a matter of time until ‘Twilight: The Musical’ became an off-Broadway production (hitting the Big Apple. Well sorta. It’s a musical parody of the film coming to NYC for one night only next Monday January 16th. The Internet has been buzzing about this performance with its talented cast, including members of Team StarKid aka the group behind “A Very Potter Musical.” Despite the hype, do you think this vampire musical will suck? Speaking of Twilight, Lionsgate gets closer to a $400 million acquisition of Summit Entertainment) (Hollywood Crush) (NY Post)

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