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Critics Praises Anne Hathaway In Her Portrayal As Catwoman


Critics Praises Anne Hathaway In Her Portrayal As Catwoman image annehathaway2

There are many people who criticized Anna Hathaway when she was casted as Selina Kyle, or Catwoman. They did not think that she could pull off portraying one of the most memorable characters in the Batman series. But in her latest film “The Dark Knight Rises”, she proved everyone wrong.

Her acting abilities are clearly superb in this movie. She can immediately switch her emotion in her role which makes her a very good actress. She was, after all, nominated for an academy award for “Rachel Getting Married”. The “Devil Wears Prada” actress will soon be part of another much awaited film “Les Miserables”. She is being criticized for this movie too but given her great performance as the Catwoman, she can clearly prove them wrong once again.


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