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Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford: Engaged After 5 Months?


Two talented Brits are ready to walk down the aisle … after only 5 months!  Carey Mulligan and her musician boyfriend, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, reconnected last winter after being childhood pen pals in London.  Mulligan, 24, and Mumford, 26, started dating seriously after the actress attended a secret Mumford & Sons show in Nashville in February.  The Oscar-nominated actress had split from Shia LaBeouf last October.  A friend of the two tells, “They’re a great couple.  Very sweet.”

Is time a factor when it comes to getting engaged?


Cupid’s Advice:

Some people believe that you should date for awhile before getting engaged, while others think that when you know you’ve found the one, why wait?  Cupid has some advice:

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1. Past the honeymoon phase: Once you’ve gotten past that initial butterflies-in-your-stomach phase and still want to be together, then you might be ready to walk down the aisle.

2. No point in waiting: Some people subscribe to the theory that when you know, you know.  If you’re 100% confident that you’ve found the one, there’s no reason to wait any longer before getting engaged.  Plus, you can always have a long engagement.

3. Living together: Time might also be a factor if you’re considering moving in together.  While opinions differ on whether to live together before getting married, if you want to take this step before popping the question, wait a little while to get settled before getting engaged.

How long do you think you should be dating before getting engaged?  Share your comments below.

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