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10 Year Old Tord Korsvik Proves He Can Dance on Norway’s Got Talent


10 Year Old Tord Korsvik Proves He Can Dance on Norway’s Got Talent image Tord Korsvik Dancing on Norways Got Talent

Tord Korsvik Dancing on Norway's Got Talent

Tord Korsvik, a ten year old boy, recently wowed the judges during the TV talent competition Norway’s Got Talent.  Tord Korsvik pulled out all the stops and showcased his own take on “the robot”, a popular dance move in the world of breakdancing.  Despite the fact that “the robot” was original made popular decades before Tord Korsvik was born, the younger dancer proved that he had the moves to move on in the Norway’s Got Talent competition.

In addition to wowing the judges on Norway’s Got Talent, video of Tord Korsvik dancing has become a viral sensation on the internet.  Check out the video below if you are interested in watching Tord Korsvik demonstrate his impressive dance moves.

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  1. Samuel Storn says:

    OMG Who was in charge of the camaras. Its incredible how amateur you are to give that priority to the judges´expressions. We wanted to se the kid dance, but couldn´t because of you

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