How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rate

Email Marketing MascotIf you send out professional Emails through a mailing list, the chances are very good that some of the people on your Email recipient lists will unsubscribe at some point. It is absolutely inevitable.

Ways to minimize unsubscribing

As you are aware, there will be people who unsubscribe from your Email list and there will not be anything that you can do to change that. Although there is no way to completely prevent people from doing that, there are things that you can do to minimize the number of people who unsubscribe. In your mind, you need to prepare yourself for that reality and accept what you cannot change. It isn’t personal. It is just what some people are inclined to do.

However, there are some steps that you can take to make things better and to retain a large portion of your Email recipient list.

Offer an alternative to opt-down instead of opting out: You most likely understand what it means to opt-out. A good alternative to the finality of the opt-out concept is to opt-down. In other words, the volume of Email that the person will be receiving from you will be less that what they have received in the past. It allows the recipient to have some breathing room and not to be overwhelmed by so many Emails, which they may be likely to simply delete without actually reading and eventually unsubscribe altogether. Additionally, if you give them the option of opting down, you are making them feel that they have some control over the situation. That will make the person feel respected and it may go a long way to building a substantial relationship with you and your business.

Offer Email message type choices according to the person’s taste: In addition to opting down, there are other ways in which the recipient can control the stream of Emails that they receive. It is very important to remember that your Emails are far from being the only ones that the recipient is receiving. If you multiply the number of Emails that you are sending to the person many times, that is probably close to what they are having to deal with every day or every week. You can give your recipients the option of reducing the number of topics that they wish to receive as well as the frequency of the Emails that you are sending to them. If you think in terms of combining videos, messages about upcoming events, newsletters, alerts, etc, you should try to offer options to that person that make it less painful and less voluminous. In fact, you may be surprised at how many people would actually choose to be less connected with you rather than completely severing ties entirely.

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An option for change of address: Another excellent way to allow your recipients to have some control and to make them feel that they are actually making their own decisions is by giving them the opportunity to change or update the Email address that you have for them. If you are given a new address to use, they won’t be so inundated by your Emails at the Email address that they use for everything else. It is a really great idea when you think about it!

Change the format of your Emails: Because a very large amount of people are using their mobile devices to read their Emails on a regular basis, it is worth considering changing the format of your Emails that you send to multiple recipients. If you do that, you can arrange it so that it is friendlier to the mobile devices and you won’t antagonize your Email recipients. This may or may not be a reason why people are unsubscribing but you don’t want this to be one of the reasons, especially if you can do something about it.

Interact in many different ways: You should not assume that if one of your Email recipients unsubscribes from your Email list, that the person wants to have nothing to do with or your business. This is especially important if the recipient happens to be someone with whom you share a deeper relationship. It is in your best interest and in the best interest of your business to make the effort to connect with the other person in whichever way or ways you feel are appropriate. You should think about what you want to do before you completely cut off all communication because that may be critical to your success.


If a person unsubscribes from your Email recipient list, you should not take it personally. It is not personal. However, from an objective business perspective, you should do everything that you can to try to save that connection and there are options that you can suggest to your recipient which may work for both of you. Remember to give your Email recipients what they need and if they still do not wish to be a part of your Email blasts, you will need to accept their decision gracefully. Of course, it goes without saying that your Emails should add value and teach your recipients something that they didn’t know before.

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