How To Get Email Subscribers Through Facebook Marketing

How To Get Email Subscribers Through Facebook Marketing

Are you an active participant on Facebook? Do you spend an hour or two on Facebook per day? The reason I ask this is because you can get lots of new email subscribers by simply using that hour or two each day to promote your website. Does this sound like something you would be willing to do?

The secret to getting new email subscribers through Facebook marketing is to use a couple different tricks. The first thing that you need to know before I get to those tricks is to make sure your website has a Facebook page. The page is important as it shows other users just how many other people like it and it will also give them an idea as to what your website is all about.

How To Get Email Subscribers Through Facebook Marketing

Stay Active – It is imperative that you stay active, both on your own Facebook page and on others as well. The problem that many people have is they don’t stay very active and they often times let their account sit there for weeks and sometimes months. Don’t do this; make sure you are always posting something new even if it isn’t the most informative piece.

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Tip: Most people don’t know this but Facebook has a future post function where you can schedule posts in advance. For instance, if I know that I will be out of town or on vacation, then I will have posts scheduled to go live on those days so that my fans are always seeing something different.

Promote Your Website – Yes, you can promote your website for free on other people’s pages and also on your own personal Facebook page but there is another way you can do this as well. The thing that you need to participate in is Facebook advertising. Facebook ads are not that expensive and the best part is that they give you instant traffic and also hourly reports. If this is what you need, then let Facebook take on some of the responsibility. One thing you will notice about Facebook is that you can target a bunch of different people and that will help you get a variety of people for your email lists. Even if you have multiple lists, you can still use Facebook and fill that list really fast. Just remember every click or 1,000 visitors will cost you money depending on how you setup your ads.

I remember when I would spend countless hours on Ezinearticles and other article directories trying to publish articles in order to drive more traffic back to my site. Now, I know that there are better ways to get traffic and in turn I get more email subscribers.

Lastly, Facebook is the best place to get new email subscribers because there are over 1 billion users on the site. Granted, not all of these users will speak the same language and the majority of them won’t want to hear what you have to say, but they are still there. Do yourself a favor and instead of putting more time and money into other marketing ventures you should give Facebook marketing a try.

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