Here’s What Effective Abandoned-Shopping-Cart Emails Look Like

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  • Olivia, great article highlighting low-hanging fruit for merchants looking to optimize conversion rates. As logical as it seems, our research shows that less than 25% of the Internet Retail 500 implement such campaigns as you outline above. The Kate Spade example is a puzzling one. Perhaps they tested it, however, I would venture a guess that if they sent the remarketing email a few hours (instead of a few days!) after after abandonment and held back the discount that they would earn more campaign revenue and not train customers to expect a discount from a brand that shouldn’t be discounting.

    Ross Kramer

    • Olivia Roat says:

      Ross- thanks for your comment! I should have mentioned this here, but the email with the discount was actually the second abandoned cart email I received from Kate Spade. I initially received one akin to the Anthropologie email, simply reminding me of my item. Then, a few days later, I received the one with the discount. It would definitely be interesting to find out how they go about testing their email efforts. Thanks again for the comment, Ross!

  • Brian F. says:

    I agree with everything except one point. Offering a discount in the abandonment email is dangerous. If it’s a multi-stage campaign then it would be worth testing in the last stage but having a discount in the very first email will train customers to look for it.

    • Olivia Roat says:

      Brian- thanks for your comment! I should have clarified this in the post: the email with the discount was the second abandoned cart email I received. I initially received one simply reminding me of my purchase, and then a few days later, I received the discount. I agree with you about the risk involved with training customers to look for a discount. I have left items in my shopping cart at Kate Spade before (for a similar amount of time), but I never received a discount code, so it would be interesting to learn how the brand goes about offering codes.

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