Direct Mail Marketing Vs. Email Marketing: What’s Best for Your Small Business?

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    • Hi Alexander. We have been successfully using direct mail for lead generation for many years. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our marketing pieces get into the right hands. We also believe that we have a great response rate because direct mail is just one part of our overall marketing strategy. Part of this strategy involves email marketing, article marketing, and heavy use of social media. Thank you for your comments. Joe

  • Joseph, great information, thanks for sharing this. I particularly agree with your statement about the need to integrate methods to maximize effectiveness. Exactly.

    Unfortunately, I’m finding that businesses are choosing email over direct mail solely for reasons of cost and not based upon what’s best suited to their marketplace. This hurts their ability to generate leads and sales. Some businesses use only email, and it’s detrimental.

    In my opinion, one key factor in making the determination about marketing mix should be quality of list. For some marketplaces, mail contact lists will be cleaner and significantly outperform email. Another determination is audience profile. Some segments simply will not be responsive if they have overstuffed inboxes (like business leaders) or aren’t likely to be avid email users (like the elderly population).

    Has your experience been similar? Thanks for keeping the discussion going about this, it’s an important topic.

  • Hi Matt. I agree completely with you about the quality of the email list and the direct mail list. Every day we work at keeping both lists very current and accurate. This greatly improves our response rate, as well as keeps our costs down.

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