3 Reasons Email Marketing is Essential for Mobile App Sales

App developers: Do you have an email marketing plan?

Do you only plan to develop one version of your app and never improve it?

Do you intend to retire after your first app?

Of course not.

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Email Marketing for App Developers

Do you know how many customers you’re losing (or how much money) because you don’t have an email marketing plan?

iPhone sales outpace BIRTHS worldwide, and this market is growing…FAST. (For more amazing stats on mobile, watch Erik Qualman’s mobilenomics video.)

If you don’t collect email addresses from your app users, you’re missing out on an opportunity to maintain and grow your customer base.

3 Reasons Email Marketing is Key for App Developers

Here’s why mobile app developers should be using email marketing:

1. Often users download an app and try it once or twice but forget about it or worse: delete it off of their device. Email marketing can not only be used to remind the customer of your product but to get valuable feedback needed for you to improve your product.

2. According to C|net Apple and Android both have about 700,000 applications available in their respective stores. That’s overwhelming. The app developer that collects email addresses and uses them to stay top-of-mind with their users will rise up among the masses, and will avoid the “what-was-the-name-of-the-app-I-downloaded-last-week” syndrome.

3. Unless you plan to build one app and retire, you wouldn’t want to reinvent your customer base when you build your next product. Don’t lose touch with your existing loyal fans because you failed to ask for an email address upon their first download. Ask for the address so that you can follow up with a strategic marketing plan – for both your current and future products.

Email is an Investment in Your Company’s Future

Email marketing is a simple way to invest in your company’s future. In regular updates you can inform your customers of ongoing developments, remind them of the value of your app, or send surveys to ask for their feedback. All of this contact keeps your brand’s name at the front of their memory increasing the likelihood they’ll continue to use your app (or give it a second try), download another from your product line, and tell their friends.

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