When is an Explainer Video Right for My Business?

This article will introduce you to explainer videos. We will offer some good examples of how businesses are using explainer videos. Then we will talk about the right opportunities for using this type of video for your business.

Explaining explainer videos

The clue is in the title. An explainer video is a video that offers an explanation to a customer. It may be a general explanation to your whole business, or it may be a specific explanation into how a particular product functions for example.

Some good examples of explainer videos

Epipheo intro video:


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Video Explainers intro video:


Manpacks by Epipheo:

Crazy Egg:

Drop Foot by Video Explainers:

I think that you get the idea….

What explainer videos are good at:

1) General introduction to your business: giving an overview of who you are, what your values are, what you do and what you can offer your customers.
2) Showing how you are different to your competitors: an explainer video can be a platform to tell your visitors in what ways you are different to your competitors and the advantages of choosing you.
3) Specific explanations for particular products or services: offering an in-depth explanation (potentially a product demonstration) for a particular element of your business that you have deemed necessitates further explanation for your customers.

Formats of explainer videos

Explainer videos can take a number of different formats. Of course a lot of the explainer videos that we produce use a Web Presenter, but there are some concepts that animation can explain more clearly; here are a few of the different types of explainer video:

Opportunities for using explainer videos

There are a range of opportunities for using explainer videos. Some opportunities are part of a proactive approach to customer service. For example, you may choose to have a video on your homepage, explaining who you are, because you want to give your visitors a friendly welcome. Explainer videos can be really useful to integrate into presentations at networking events, especially if you business, product or service is difficult to explain. Other opportunities are more reactive in response to web stats. These include: –

  • High bounce rate on your homepage or other specific pages
  • Visitors not spending much time on your website
  • Visitors not converting (e.g. clicking to buy)
  • High volume of customer queries about a particular product

In order to identify these opportunities a good handle on your website statistics is important. Google Analytics can give you a whole host of data about how visitors are using your website.

Once you have created your video, you need to think about where to place it in order to have the desired effect. For example, if you have created a video to solve the problem of a high bounce rate on your homepage, it probably isn’t the best idea to place the video low down on the page, below the fold. It should be a dominant feature, above the fold, that draws viewers in and gives them a reason to stay on the page.

Using the PAS formula in explainer videos

PAS (or pain-agitate-solve) is a useful formula to consider when constructing an explainer video.

Pain: A strong explainer video will open with an introduction to the problem that the target audience has experience of. One of the quickest ways to present the problem is to frame it as a question e.g. “Are you struggling to find clothes that fit you and also look nice?” You can visually represent a problem in a number of ways – with actors, animation or graphics for example.

Agitate: If you have managed to engage the viewer with the pain element, this is now your opportunity to further engage them on a more emotional level. This is the point at which you highlight the consequences of inaction in relation to the problem.

Solve: Now you tell your viewer how your product is service offers a solution to their problem. This is the resolution to your video and is a perfect chance for a call to action. Tell your viewer what they should do next. Where can they get your product, or where can they get more information?

This Refund Me video from Epipheo uses the PAS formula well:

Online video users are accustomed to a whole host of marketing techniques. PAS can be quite transparent and feel manipulative if not articulated well. You will notice how the use of animation makes the message in this video less ‘corny’ and more ‘cool’. The risk with using actors is that you can end up with a video that feels dated and pushy.

Simplifying your message and putting it into language that your customers can understand in an explainer video is a creative way to improve the customer experience and achieve better results.

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    Well said! By now the importance of video to the successful growth of businesses has been proven time and again. We specialize in bringing businesses into the world of video marketing. Let us know if we can answer any questions about business video production!

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