Video SEO: Focus on Self-Hosted Videos Rather Than YouTube

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  • Silke says:

    Another advantage of hosting the video on your own website is that visitors can watch it without any interruptions through advertisement. Also, don’t forget to create a video sitemap in order to fully benefit from video SEO.

  • Hi There Daniel,

    Thanks for this post. I’d like to start with a disclaimer and say that I’m part of the team at – We’re the leading provider of automated video for ecommerce. Our clients include,, etc.

    The questions that comes to mind is “Why do i need to choose? Can’t I have my videos on Youtube AND self hosted?”

    Would love to get your response on that one.

    Our experience with this issue, and the type of questions we were getting from our clients, led to the eventual development of one of our platform’s most popular add-ons – the Video Distribution service.
    In a nutshell what this service does is distribute the product videos generated by our platform, not only back to the original product page, but also to most major video portals (including , guaranteeing our clients the best of all worlds.

    Would love to have you weigh in on this : )


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