Top 10 Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2014

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    • Oops looks as if we missed the link out, sorry about this – a quick Google search will show up lots more info on these if you are interested.

      As for click through increases – Econsultancy research found that rich snippets in search results have a 41% higher click through rate!

  • As information exponentially grow each year, people’s attention span lessens by the second. Your tips here are just in time for this change. I’d just be very careful with ad retargeting as this can annoy your audience when they see your brand all over the place; I encountered a tool that does just that and it was quite a genius.

  • Yer ad retargeting is like any other marketing communication tool, it only works when implemented properly. You need to find the right balance so that it serves as a gentle reminder. Often users just think the ad being there is a coincidence.

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