The State of Digital & Mobile Consumption

Digital & Mobile Consumption - ForRent.comAn increasing number of businesses are embracing digital technologies as a direct result of consumer preferences shifting toward extensive digital and mobile use. What does this mean for you? One, your advertising strategy may need rethinking. Two, the way in which you communicate with consumers may need to be altered to appeal to their evolving behaviors.

Advertising in the Face of Digital & Mobile Growth

Chances are, you utilize at least one form of advertising that has been a part of your overall marketing strategy for years. For some, this may be print. For others, it may be digital advertising. Today’s consumer, however, prefers to interact across multiple touchpoints, including on the web, on mobile devices, on social media, and yes, even print – an offline medium which drives online conversions. This is an important fact to consider when making advertising decisions for your business.

With over 20% of overall media time spent on mobile in 2013, utilizing mobile advertising as a way to promote your rental listings can prove valuable. Mobile advertising provides placement in the fastest-growing advertising medium and allows you to showcase your business with enhanced content such as video, driving more interest to your brand.

You may be wondering what the benefits of mobile advertising are. Well, according to a recent Mobile Marketing Association survey, many marketers believe that mobile advertising increases loyalty retention, facilitates transaction, generates more leads, enhances brand equity, and improves customer service.

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Keep the Conversation Going

 With over 90% of consumers on social media, this provides you with a great opportunity to reach them. Social media plays an integral role in the way you communicate with consumers, so it’s important to have a strategy in place in order to reach them.

Mobile and social are just two search preferences of consumers, so it’s important to consider your target audience and how they prefer to search. Advertising your brand through a diverse media mix is an ideal way to appeal to the preferences of all consumers and maximize your reach.

How are you incorporating digital and mobile into your marketing strategy?

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