Online Higher Education Revolution (Infographic)

With the widespread access of broadband Internet, the world of online education is growing at a torrid pace. Experts believe that online education budgets around the world will grow to a massive $220 billion by 2017. Seventy-three billion dollars was spent annually in 2011. This rapid growth is causing online education to begin to challenge the traditional, campus-based forms of higher education that dominated the world for centuries. What makes the ongoing, online education revolution so exciting is that it is shattering the barriers of access to higher learning. In the past, so many students were shut out of getting a good college education because of costs, or because they received a poor education in elementary school and secondary school. Online education is allowing these students to enhance their communications and jobs skills online for a fraction of the cost of a regular four-year degree at a regular campus. Below, you will learn about just how far the online education revolution has come, and where it is heading.

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  • Robert says:

    Thank you for this wonderful infographic, very insightful. This alone puts the entire online education arena into a clear perspective.

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