Love Letter to Subscription Services

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  • Great article! I don’t think the difference between subscription product and subscription service is something that people pay enough attention to when choosing subscriptions. As someone who works for a subscription billing and payments platform company (which in itself is a subscription :) I am constantly amazed at the breath of products and services that are now available for subscription (did you know you can have a piece of sod delivered to your door for your dog’s bathroom needs?)! It’s great to be involved in this exciting new way of not only purchasing but selling.

  • While I do understand the love for subscription services, it is the illusion of “all access” that pulls us in isn’t it? Would it then be considered a “lust” for subscription services? This business model does very little to empower the consumer and relies on a method of complacency on their part. All of these if described in the terms of a relationship are very detrimental to said relationship’s overall health. What happens when your partner becomes abusive … how often do you forgive them … what do you do when they no longer fulfill your needs… have you gone too far to turn back??? I’m sorry. I feel this article if fluffed with very much an insiders perspective on the benefits of having a locked in client base (again something that is NEVER beneficial to any market it apears in).

  • Thanks for your perspective, Tara, as a professional at a subscription billing and payments platform company. Jeff, thanks for reading. I agree that sometimes once you sign up for a subscription service, you feel locked in and no longer engaged, but companies that enable you to choose your products in exchange for an ongoing fee still solicits customer involvement and buy-in besides the monetary fee. Not to mention, choosing to unsubscribe makes a bold statement and companies must continue to provide value for each customer to retain a loyal base so it keeps companies accountable too for more specialized subscription services.

    I do not provide subscription based services, so I wouldn’t say I have an insider’s perspective, just grateful for services that provide me more access with less effort and financial investment as a consumer and I found that other ecommerce subscription members found similar benefits, so I attempted to share this sentiment through the piece.

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