Launching a Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing campaigns are great ways to widen your customer base, get more leads, bring in more blog traffic, and get brand exposure.

However, video marketing campaigns are also a lot of work and need to be thought through carefully.  A lot of businesses stay away from this marketing method because it can seem to daunting.

With the right plan and methods though, a video marketing campaign does not have to be complicated or intimidating.  Find out how you can start your very own video marketing campaign.

Avoid the Details

Think big picture when you start.  Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the small details.  Tiny details will cost you time and will ultimately push your campaign away from your projected launch date.  Accept that mistakes will happen.  You will probably forget some things too.  Just start filming and push your message.  Publish and post your videos as regularly as you can.

Find the Talent

Hollywood actors are probably out of your price range, which means you will have to go with some in-house talent.  Your project leaders or managers might be good at what they do, but they could very well be disasters in front of the camera.

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Go through your inventory of personal.  Find someone who is engaging, warm and has an easy personality.  This might even be someone who works the graveyard shift or who is not on the front lines of your campaign.

Be Real

The point of the video marketing campaign is to generate excitement and passion about your product or brand.  If you come off looking like a sleazy used-car salesman or as a plastic, indifferent presenter, your video marketing campaign will be for naught.  Be open, passionate and show some excitement.  Let your product or brand excite your potential customers – you don’t have to be an entertainer.

Make How-to Videos

People love how-to videos.  Why not make some tutorial videos to demonstrate what you product or brand is about.  Give people something to work with and a visual they will remember.

Get People Involved

A video contest can get people swept up into your video marketing campaign.  It also gives you a ton of free marketing and takes the pressure off of producing videos on a regular basis.  Let other’s do it for you for free!  Find an enticing prize and let the public vote on the best video.  What better way to get people plugged into your campaign?!

What Are You Waiting For?

A video marketing campaign may just be the missing element your business is lacking.  Why not inject some life and activity into your brand by starting a video marketing campaign?

Do you have any additional tips about video marketing campaigns?  Sound off in the comment section below!

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