Is Your Website Optimized For Mobile Visitors? (Infographic)

I’ve been talking with a lot of clients about mobile lately, so it seemed appropriate to lend some perspective to the current situation based on real data from real sites (versus surveys or large aggregate data about mobile usage).

The fact is, our sites are being increasingly accessed via mobile devices, primarily smart phones and tablets. What the users get when they arrive at different sites via one of these devices varies greatly and often the experience and usability is terrible.

Some conclusions about Mobile:

  • As smartphone and tablet penetration increases, mobile visitors to your site will grow dramatically.
  • Sites with a lot of local content or local clientele will have larger numbers of mobile visitors than “informational sites” not specific to a geography.
  • Many sites are not prepared for mobile visitors and provide a poor user experience. Many site owners don’t know how many people are accessing their sites via mobile devices.
  • The mobile options are confusing for many site owners. These options include Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps and Responsive Websites.

Enjoy the following infographic and feel free to embed it into your site using the code beneath it! Let me know in the comments your thoughts about the mobile web experience.

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile #infographic

Let me know your thoughts about the Mobile Web in the comments below!

Use the embed code below to embed this infographic into your site (the original image is 1227 pixels wide so you can use the percentage box to scale it down to fit into your pages).

Comments: 4

  • Though we love developing custom apps for new clients sometimes an optimized website is a better option for them. The important thing is that they get mobile. A business site must be easy to view and navigate-consumers/clients/customers spend less time on their computers and more time on their tablets and phones. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach them because your site doesn’t conform to their viewing platform.

    • Agreed Jennifer. I’m going to do a follow-up to this and I agree that custom apps aren’t a good fit for many (especially local) businesses. Thank you for your objective comment here!

  • Tom – This is a great info-graphic and a clear explanation of the options. We are seeing a change in attitude and client understanding of mobile websites, but it has been slower than expected. Most clients are surprised to see how many mobile visitors they get to their site. Even a single landing page mobile site with contact info could get them new customers.

    Keep up the good articles like this.

    • Tim,

      Thanks and I agree. The evidence is there if you look, but people are just getting used to this whole idea. Also, the options are not always clear. What’s an app vs. a mobile website and which do I need? These kind of questions always pop up and I think the confusion leads to inaction…

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