Good Enough: Agency vs. In-House Marketing Career

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  • Kent, thank you for this insightful article. As a corporate in-house creative, I have found many of the hurdles you described to be true, specifically the lessened consequence of small errors. That is why I find it necessary as an in-house creative to also maintain a small group of clientele on a freelance basis, which gives me the ability to interact with the “outside world” and see what is going on in other industries, and to continue to develop my customer service and attention to detail. Thanks for the write-up. -Kyle

  • Chris says:

    I would argue that attention to detail is extremely important in-house trait and a quality all successful in-house marketers must have. But it’s true: In-house reports are usually kept in-house and may not need the same polish that a client presentation would. On the other hand, an in-house marketer is responsible for creating tons of content that is immaculate and made for public consumption (ads, press releases, articles, white papers, etc). Any employee crossing from one kind of business to another will need to learn the ropes. I think it’s dangerous to assume people’s personalities and skill-sets are directly related to their job titles. If a candidate is passionate and willing to learn, in most cases, they will succeed. I think I would need more empirical data to support your theory.

  • Chris says:

    edit: is “an” extremely important in-house trait . . . *facepalm*

  • Johnny says:

    Kent, there is much truth to your assessment, but being an “in-house corporate type”, I can no further with my comments and thoughts on the subject…smile.

    However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Case-in-point, while I am an in-house corporate type these days, I am what you would call somewhat of a hybrid. Not only do I work in-house but I have also, freelanced for years. So, while I work for a major health care, I am also the owner of

    SEO/Internet marketing is a passion of mine. It is true that my in-house duties sometime take me away from SEO; my spare time is filled with as much relevant reading (and learning) about the industry as I can find.

    BTW, Great post!

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