Geo-Targeting: What You Have to Know

Internet marketing has gone through multiple phases since its inception. With an evolving internet, marketers must account for the changes accordingly. Keywords used to be the primary focus, they still play a crucial role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but with the explosion of mobile marketing a new method of internet marketing has become supreme, Geo-marketing.

If you own an iPhone you are aware of push notifications that ask to use your current location. This is done so that you can be targeted to your specific location. For example you want to find a coffee shop on the street you are on, your search results will produce a coffee shop within walking distance. This new hyper local targeting is crucial for small businesses and fully is reliant on mobile phones.

Other methods of geo-targeting focus on zip code location, usually taking into account a computer IP address. This works well when you are looking for professional services such as a doctor or massage therapist. Something you want to research a bit before you move forward, unlike a coffee shop where you just walk-in.

The customer wants everything to be customized to them; online businesses realize this and want to provide them with the most unique experience. No two search experiences will be alike, search results will be specifically based on customer location, previous search history, and preferences. Having a better experience will lead to better sales. Businesses need to take advantage of geo-targeting; it can lead to a significant boost in revenue and exposure.

If you are a business you should be on as many location based applications as possible. You never know where a customer will come from but you want to be sure that they will find you no matter what search method they use. Being visible and being active are what will set you apart from your competition.

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  • Tom Yawney says:

    What are some examples of location based apps that businesses should be a part of?

  • Alek, how do you feel about geo targeted content? I am thinking along the lines for franchises and how a franchisor can have control of that local content.

    • A large percentage of online searchers are looking for local data. I am not familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the franchise and franchisee. Are you allowed to page your own content on behalf of the franchise, related to your specific location? Can you create separate social media profiles for your locations?

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