Are Domainers Concerned by New gTLDs?

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  • David J Castello says:

    DotCOM is the ONLY universally accepted TLD. And therein lies its extreme marketing value. There will be countless new gTLDs in a various languages. Some will be more successful than others. Regardless, those saying that dotCOM will decrease in value because of them are missing the point.

  • Christopher Hofman says:

    Good. valid points, Jean. There are two types of domainers; A. The traditional ones confiding only in their .com and talking negatively of the new gTLDs where possible. It’s a natural human reaction for people who are not rady to adapt and where their income is being threatened. B. The silent domainer who has realised the major change, selling out of their current portfolio, and planning to invest in a few well selected gTLDs. As you argue the day your son plans to register a domain name, .com will only be one of the alternatives. I would think it could be compared to the old fax machine at that time, because only ancient companies use .com. We will see,

  • s. mugavero says:

    What is the reason for the premium on registration and renewal? I understand Goodwill is a factor in valuations… Whats the good will of a .whatever? Do we have to question the goodwill of one of the most used extensions in verbal communication .com How many people say that a day… Now that’s Goodwill. That’s value. In addition, Most things that are not easily duplicatable have exponential value.

    A .whatever is not going to have the impact of a .com for “some time” in my opinion, being generous.

    Comparables is another factor in valuation. We can compare the lackluster success of the majority of the last gtlds. .biz .info etc. Whats the difference between a .mobi and a .mobile? (other than gtld and mtld) The .com has long standing sales comparable data.

    There’s several avenues and millions of available ways to invest, market and brand with domains in the proven .com, .net and .org extensions. Take a look at these examples I put together in 10 minutes. It could be done with most the new gtlds in my opinion. $24.95 anually, possible auction. More upfront if you want priority service. I can buy it now for $350 and $10 annually. $24.95 anually, possible auction. More upfront if you want priority service. I can buy it now for $300 and $10 annually. $39.99 annually, possible auction. More upfront if you want priority service. I can buy it now for $199 and $10 annually. $24.99 annually, possible auction. More upfront if you want priority service. I can buy it now for $199 and $10 annually.

    The list could go on and on forever comparing every .whatever to what works.

    For the investor and end user (the little guy too) alike there’s proven success formulas in place.

    • Jean Guillon says:

      …I am no domainer but something is for sure, I am not buying at $40 a year unless I have a website with serious content that has a reason to exist. Parking at $40 looks like expensive no?

  • Michael says:

    Can anyone clear up for me the law surround these new gTLD’s lots of the good key words have sold up it seems, but what is the law around buying new domains that are related to or contain a companies name?

    I read that everyone has been given their opportunity to place a copyright on the new domains, and if they havent, then it is fair game.

    This has been shown when I looked to purchase which is available but comes with a copyright infringement warning. Other I have tried, clearly are similar or even name a company, but do not have the copyright warning.

    If my sole purpose is to buy these to sell for profit, is that the bit that is illegal? Are there any work around of this?

    I don’t understand why snapping up domain names and setting up a parked for sale page is illegal, or how it is any different to companies who legitimately sell “premium domains”… some insight from thoes in the know would be greatly appreciated and my internet searches have left me confused.

  • domainer says:

    all those negative comments about new tlds are only for 2 reasons:

    1: protecting their .com investments.
    2: trying, i mean TRYING only to keep people away from new tlds so that they could have the best of it for themselves

  • iqbal says:

    .com is certainly as of now synonym with internet… what i see is more meaningful extensions… though many new gtlds will be buried in no time… but there are real contenders there for .com…

    like .club (looks more descriptive and appealing than .com)…. 2. .website (a bit lengthy but synoymous with internet far reaching recall), .city (a complete and proper representation of a city).

    what i feel is the recall value after the . which is important. Though the .com will loose a lot of steam which it has now, but will be around as a big bro without any effort.

    most of the gtlds are going to confuse users and they are going to pick the best recall tlds, eventually these tlds will gather that steam.

    people will be certainly confused with new gltds. no one will search for cheap things using .cheap… just for example… there are many such useless gtlds. which will give a tough time to the consumers in recalling them… so end of the day.. those few gems will shine along with .com.

    thats my take.

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