Create Buzz and Sell Your Home With Digital Marketing

In a static market, you have to do something extra special to really and truly get the leap on competitors and social media could be just that boost.

dubaiFor homeowners looking to sell their houses faster and without the cost of an agent, digital marketing and social media can be used to create the necessary buzz. So, how do you take in the lay of the land and nail that home sale?

Do Something Different

One of the most prominent stories around the new Bitcoin cryptocurrency revolved around a man that sold his home in return for a payment of the cryptocurrency. As any marketer will understand, doing something radical, different and outrageous for money is a sure fire way to get attention. This case proved to be no exception from that rule and the house was sold for BitCoins – a gamble in its own right, but one that paid off as the exchange rate was around $73 to one BitCoin – it’s now over $150.

Use what you have

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Another example of great utilization of social media and savvy salesmanship occurred in Seattle. A local woman who had failed in selling her home via the usual means decided to take matters into her own hands. Betsy Talbot placed her home on the web using her own camera to produce a home video tour. This was then linked to social media pages. She then used social listening tools to keep an eye on certain keywords like’ Move to Seattle’. She then got in touch with people who showed interest in the key terms. After months of no interest, she sold the house within three weeks.


People love celebs and Ruta Fox, who lived in Upper East Manhattan, knew that. After months of no fortune when selling her home she decided to take a different approach. She decided to create more intrigue by focusing a home selling twitter campaign on the fact that anyone who bought her home would live in proximity to Madonna, Justin Timberlake and a number of other celebs. Fox tweeted about the celebs with a link to her property in each tweet. She received a number of offers within a short space of time because of this strategy.

Real Estate

If you’re like a lot of people and don’t feel that you have the confidence to sell a house on social media, then you should look for an estate agent who will have the plans in place to do so. Nowadays any good realtor worth their salt will use social media of some degree. Of course, there are disparities in the amount they do – so, ask questions and look for one with a cutting edge, especially if you want to sell your house fast.

Go Old School

One UK graduate paid for a billboard advert in a prominent London location asking for a job and provided a hashtag for Twitter and a link to his own CV based website. In turn the then unemployed graduate had failed at successfully getting a job, however after the stunt received over 100 offers. He received his dream job. Afterwards he spent his first pay check buying another billboard to say thank you.

Though it’s not related necessarily to home sales, it’s an example of great marketing and could work for a home sale.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube et al can be used to significantly brilliant effect with a little creativity and some ingenuity.

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