Contrarian Views Ahead: Social TV and Connected TV Advertising

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  • I am also a staunch proponent of the mass innovation, but I am very disappointed with how the companies involved are approaching it. These is a huge potential for this platform, but I don’t feel that the content is the immediate problem. Content is a problem that is going to fall, it’s just taking some time. But when all that happens, which it is, how are we going to control all that content, when we can’t even control the content we do have? Is Samsung going to come out with its 7th remote controller in less than 3 years? Are we still going to stick with the second screen approach, which I feel is comparable to voice for phones… secondary means of controlling the interface behind touch. There is so much potential for an on-screen interface, yet, we still have a dumb remote control design! I think whoever solves the user interface/controller, will be the one to lead the market. And no, NUIs fail at a very basic level regarding the TV’s lean back experience (like voice for phones, secondary UIs meant to ‘enhance’ the experience, not act as the main UI for TVs).

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