Connecting Traditional Advertising Strategy To Online Strategy

mad men, don draper, roger sterling,We’re connected — across devices, across platforms and with each other. It’s speculated that as many as 70% of consumers use social media and digital platforms to check other consumer’s opinions before making purchase decisions.

That means no matter how strong your traditional marketing, no matter how often you’re reaching your targets, if you’re not engaging via digital as well, you’re missing out.

Here are three ways digital marketing can help your traditional advertising.

#1: Test It Out

One of the biggest advantages to digital marketing is the immediate insight you can gain with analytics. This makes the digital world the perfect test-tube for your business and for your traditional advertising. With digital campaigns you can test copy, test a product idea, test price points.

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You can test almost any aspect of your business, or your plans for your business. Your audience will let you know, immediately, if you’re on the right track.

Take these leanings and expand on them in your traditional advertising. For example, if a creative idea really strikes a chord on social media, it may be worth using that creative at the center of your TV or radio ad campaign.

#2: Consumer Involvement

One element traditional advertising lacks is actual consumer involvement. Billboards, television spots, radio spots, offer little in the way of interaction with consumers. Digital solves that problem by creating a two-way experience.

For example, a car company that’s promoting the merits of its new dashboard can tout them on a billboard. But, by using the billboard to drive consumers to an app, they can get customers virtually behind the wheel. They can then use that app to drive the customers right into the dealership for a test drive.

Television shows now use apps to allow viewers to engage while watching the show. Viewers can vote on what’s happening, answer trivia questions, even engage with each other. This has proven so popular that some shows now air “social edition” replays of where the best tweets or posts from viewers are shown on screen.

This digital marketing addition to the traditional medium has taken viewers from a passive audience to an engaged one.

#3: Hot Irons

Everyone in sales knows to strike when the iron is hot. The same is true in marketing. Your best chance of getting a consumer to act in your favor is when you are top of mind. Digital makes this happen.

Adding a digital element to an old-school marketing tactic, like contests, can be a game changer. There was a time when brand-related contests involved mail in forms. Now it’s instantaneous. Even if a consumer learns about a contest through old-school methods like an on-package blurb, they can immediately go to their smartphones to participate.

Addition Not Subtraction

Digital marketing methods are a great add-on to traditional marketing. But if it’s all new to you, don’t sweat it. It’s new to consumers as well. Think of digital as the perfect add-on to the work you’re already doing. And add-on that will bump up the effectiveness and reach of your existing campaign.

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