7 Free Tools to Improve Your Outreach Productivity

Outreach is considered to be the most time taking job when it comes to SEO and to be particular link building. This is the most time consuming as well as frustrating job as it erratic and you may win or lose each day.

Although there are tons of blog posts that talk about tips and tactics to improve your outreaching skills but with the advancements and work load it is impossible to manage everything by a single person and this is where SEO tools come in to play!

There are tons of tools in the SEO and digital marketing industry and when it comes to outreaching here are the following tools that can help you improve your productivity.

1. Gmail:


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Obviously Gmail needs no introduction. Gmail is the super fast mailing server by Google for outreaching as its light and feature easy to handle elements like conversations, labels and more that simply makes it a perfect tool for link builders.

Although it is not must to use Gmail but the reason why most link builders use this is because of the fact that it allows external plug-ins to work within its interface and open more options for users.

2. Yesware


Yesware is an amazing email tool for sales person and people who like to play precise when it comes to outreaching. Yesware allows you to track your email status, create template, CRM sync and more. This tool actually helps you provide the important information instantly.

Yesware easily synchronize with your gmail account and is able to track all your sent emails as well as indicates you if anyone opened your email. IMO this is one of the most important tools for outreaching as this quickly tells you who opens your email and who is replying to it so that you can maintain your prospects list conveniently.

3. Google Docs

google docs

Google Docs now known as Google Drive is indeed a blessing for link builders as it allows you to manage your prospects list and update each campaign separately on the go with you. So no matter where ever you are you track records are always with you with a distance of a simple login.

The goodness of this tool doesn’t ends here, aside from being a browser based application unlike Microsoft office which is desktop based software, Google docs also allows multiple people to work on the same document and update it at the same time.

Google docs is amazing when it comes to outreaching because with this tool the team can check and update the status of outreaching campaign with ease.

4. Boomerang

boomerang for gmail

This is one of the important tools for folks in the outreaching world. All the time we are scheduling emails, replies and reminders. This tool is just amazing and will never let you down if you have email to send on later dates.

This tool simply allow you to draft the email on later dates and time and the email will be sent to the recipient on the given time and date so that you do not miss any lead or a chance to increase a good link to add to your link profile.

5. Rapportive:


Rapportive is another tool for Gmail that allow you to see everything about the contacts right inside your main box which includes avatar image, other social profiles, their location and more.

Outreaching is an art of building connections by words (can be written or oral) so it is important for a person to have as much information as possible about his prospect. This tool actually put to gather all the information about your contacts and shows you in the side bar while emailing.

This is an outstanding tool that can help person to write more personalized email in less time.

6. Email Guesser

email guesser

Once you have the list of blogs ready the next part is to find their email details so that you can contact them to start communication and work hard to turn that connection in to links.

Email Guesser is one hell of an amazing tool that guesses email address for the websites and blogs. It’s a guess tool so accuracy of this tool can be questionable but in general this tool also saves one from a lot of hassle and research work. Outreaching itself is a tricky job and grabbing contact details can be frustrating at time. Email guesser is simply an amazing tool that guesses contact detail for any typed url in no time so that you can go had and write a kick ass email to communicate and convert that connection in to links.

7. Linkstant


Linkstant is one of the most interesting tools for reporting purposes as it tells you about the discovery of new links immediately.

This is an important tool for outreaching as it is important to have a list of successful links that you have created through the campaign so that managers (may be you yourself) can analyse your performance and work hard to get better command on outreaching.

Outreaching is an art so there is no perfect formula of it but techniques, testing and tools can only save your time and help you improve your productivity and percentage of success for each campaign.

If you have experienced any other tool that can really improve productivity when it comes to outreaching, please share the tool in the comment section!

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