2013 Web Video Statistics AKA Why Your Company Needs Web Video

Web videos are one of the fastest growing marketing strategies of 2013 and they becoming a necessity for almost any company, large or small. The market for the web video audiences growing exponentially each year due to  more Internet-savvy consumers, the availability of smart devices with Internet access, and the demand for new, innovative, and unique marketing ideas. So why is a web video a good marketing choice for your company? Check out these statistics that may surprise you:

Mobile Video

IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence says that 92% of mobile video viewers have shared mobile videos with their friends via social media. Tweeting these videos account for 12% of the shares. (IAB, 2013)

IAB also found the videos from 3-5 minutes in length were the preferred length for consumers. About half of the mobile video users viewed content of that length and 20% viewed video content on their smart devices was less than 2 minutes long. (IAB, 2013)

According the Ooyala, tablet video viewing grew 110% in 2012. (Gigaom, 2012)

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Web Video

1 in 3 American (ages 18-64) watch a web video every week. This is up from last year when 1 in 4 Americans would do so. (MediaPost, 2013)

51.9% of marketers said the web video has the best ROI. (Flimp, 2013)

More than 7 out of 10 companies worldwide said they would increase their digital marketing budgets this year. (Econsultancy, 2013)

76% of marketers have said that they will add a web video to their site in 2013. (Invodo, 2013)

Social Media and Videos

YouTube gets over 1 billion unique users a month (YouTube, 2013)

In January 2013, Facebook streamed more than 425 million videos (Gigaom, 2013)

Kantar Media found that 23 percent of brands use online video advertising as part of their marketing mix.  (BtoB Online, 2013)

With numbers like these, especially showing such growth from 2012 to 2013, having a least one web video in your company’s marketing strategy is becoming a ‘must have’. The popularity, impact possibilities, and social aspect of web videos give a whole new breath of life into marketing strategies. So start seeing the benefits for yourself by including a web video into your web marketing strategy!

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