How to Win Customers and Influence Visitors

Inspired by the best-selling self-help book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, we investigated how to use this same principle to optimize your visitor’s web experience. You’ve probably heard that the “one-size-fits-all” model for websites is dead. In the digital age, consumers’ attention spans are becoming shorter than ever. According to a study by Dimension Data, Americans are only willing to wait an average of 37 seconds before they abandon a customer service call that they made themselves. Their patience grows even thinner when visiting websites. In fact, the average site visit only lasts about 10 seconds.

So the question as a marketer then becomes, “How can I grab the attention of my site visitors in less than 10 seconds?” The answers come in two segments: New visitors and returning visitors. Here are a few strategies on how to truly engage each of these audiences.

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New Visitors:

1) Make Your Product or Service Easy to Understand

All too often, leads are pushed firmly towards a company goal, like “request a demo”  or “start a trial now,” when potential customers aren’t even quite sure what challenge your product or services solves for them. Make your business easy to understand for this new visitor. If your offering is convoluted or difficult to comprehend, this potential customer will leave your site and look to your competitors for a solution to the challenge they are trying to solve.

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  • Try serving a call to action that says “learn more” or “signup for our newsletter” that entices visitors to stay on our website longer and absorb more of your content before asking them to engage with a sales representative.

2) Turn Client Testimonials into Your Biggest Brand Advocates

When you want to try a new restaurant, what do you do? You may go to the restaurant’s website for menu options, but will you trust the banner that says “best pizza in town?” Probably not. You will scourer through the reviews from former restaurant goers. The same principle applies to the B2B world. Your potential customer trusts other customer’s reviews about your company 12X more than product descriptions made by your brand. These testimonials will help build up your brands credibility with new visitors – all at no cost to you.

Returning Visitors:

1) Don’t Repeat Yourself

No one likes to hear or see the same message over and over again. Don’t show returning prospects the same CTAs to known leads that you show new site visitors. This audience has seen or engaged with your brand at least once, so they are more informed than most about what your company offers. Guide them down your content engagement path based on where they left off.

Tip: If they have already signed up for your emails- serve them content for your newest whitepaper or eBook that is relevant to their interests.

2) Deliver the Right Content, at the Right Time

Frequently returning visitors have engaged with your brand through multiple touch points. You have this data, align it with their next on-site experience. This is a pain point in the B2B community this year as31.4% of B2B marketers face the challenge of getting content delivered to the right audiences. Content personalization solutions are becoming a growing need to keep customers engaged. Find the one that works best for your brand.

If you are interested in what content personalization software can do for your unique website, connect with our team!

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