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Why Use an Expert Customer Service Training Company

What is the value of using an expert customer service training company rather than creating an in-house customer service program? Clients utilizing our customer service training have mentioned the following reasons.

LEVERAGE NATIONALLY FIELD-TESTED BEST PRACTICES. Experience in many industries with numerous types of personnel allows an expert training organization to test and refine their approaches and tools. Davis-Mayo Associates, for example offers programs experienced by more than 442,000 people in 47 states and 15 countries. Learning experts know that it takes many times delivering and revising a program before it reaches its maturity and optimal effectiveness. Advantage:

  1. Time and money are not wasted until maximum program impact is achieve
  2. Employees are not alienated by an immature program
  3. Our “Behavioral Inventory,” for example, is validated and proven effective

COST. Many clients discover it is more cost effective to employ our facilitators and materials rather than devoting their own employees’ time and other organizational resources to researching, developing, delivering and revising a program. Program development is surprisingly costly in money, time and other resources.

PROFESSIONAL FACILITATORS KNOW HOW TO INVITE GROUP INTERACTION & BUY-IN. A facilitator who is expert both in adult learning —attitudinal and behavioral growth and change–and in customer service offers a rich, credible program. Expert customer service training companies are savvy in leading groups through issue resolution and facilitating group discussions to instill comprehension, motivation and overcome resistance. Advantage:

  1. Rapport, trust and team thinking emerge
  2. Facilitator knows how to invite participant buy-in
  3. Participants see how to be active problem-solvers
  4. Participants are led to discover ways to support one another
  5. The group is facilitated to “bring along” resistors
  6. Opportunities for collaboration and team thinking are presented compellingly

FACILITATORS WHO ARE ALSO SUBJECT-MATTER EXPERTS INSURE LEARNING IS “CAUGHT.” Questions are answered with experience and authority. Discussion leads to new awareness among participants. An expert is present to provide opportunities for clarification and application. Ad hoc best practices are often provided. Advantage:

  1. Knowledge transfer is richer; participant commitment is deeper
  2. Impact leads to knowledge and skill retention and on-target application
  3. Areas of participant interest are addressed on the spot with legitimacy
  4. Difficult customer service dilemmas can be explored effectively

ONGOING SUPPORT. A reputable customer service training company can be a trusted resource for you for years to come. They stay abreast of trends and new learning. You may choose to leverage a customer service training and consulting firm in many ways, such as deeper customer loyalty consulting.

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