What If You Could Change Customer Service in the World?

What would the business/customer relationship be like today if you could make great customer service a given for every company, in every industry, in the entire world?

What would that customer service world look like? What would marketing be like? What would the sales process be like? How would the culture and atmosphere in the business place look like if every company had a mission to deliver the best customer service experience ever?

Sure OnHoldWith and other bad customer service reporting sites would be out of business, but I think that the positive change in the world would be worth it. (Sorry folks running those sites! We still love you though.)

What IF you could convince every organization to deliver great customer service?

What IF you could end bad customer service for good?

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What IF every company could deliver an exceptional customer service experience?

Well, it can. The beauty of customer service is that it doesn’t require expensive software. It doesn’t require inventing something new. It doesn’t require you to obtain patents or copyrights, and it doesn’t require a massive capital investment by your business. What great customer service requires can’t be bought.

  • It can’t be acquired.
  • It can’t be harvested.
  • It can’t be transferred from somewhere else.
  • You can’t steal it.
  • You can’t find it.
  • You can’t create it.
  • It doesn’t just magically appear.

You can’t because it’s already present. You have it. You own it. You have as much as you need it and more.

Great customer service is free

Great customer service takes: passion. desire. determination. time.

The principles of great customer service experiences are some of those things that once known, you can’t un-know. Once you’ve seen great service, you don’t forget. You may not act on it, but you never forget. What works for customers, just works for customers. The timing, format of service may change between different types of customers, but the action of delivering what your customers need doesn’t.

Exterminate bad customer service disease

Decide today to eliminate one bad customer service experience. Tomorrow, eliminate two. The next day, three. Decide for yourself today. Convince someone to do the same tomorrow. Another the next day. Count the number of bad customer service experiencing being eradicated. One today. A few tomorrow. Many after that. Little by little. Day by day. Bad customer service can be exterminated.

We’ve eliminated some physical diseases from the world, we can do it with the plague of bad customer service.

Take the customer service pledge

It can happen. It won’t happen today. It probably won’t happen tomorrow. But it’s possible.

Today bad customer service exists, but it doesn’t have to tomorrow. Take the pledge to end bad service and commit to making great customer service experiences today and we can change the world.

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