Pinterest and Vine Combined: The Latest Innovation in Customer Service

In our recent “Social Media Mashups” (#SMMashups) On-Air Hangout, Lena West and I discussed how brands can “mash up” or combine different social media platforms for a brand new experience. We talked about neat things like Overblog and VisibleTweets, as well as combining Hangouts and tweetchats, Instagram and Facebook Contests, “Pingating” on Facebook, and our own mashup concept: Pine.

Pinterest + Vine = Pine

“Pine” refers to a mashup of Pinterest and Vine. It started with Lena’s idea of how a company like Ikea, who needs to show their customers how to assemble things, could use Pinterest boards to show each step of an assembly and embed the boards on their website.

I then found out that Vine videos are now able to be embedded in a website, and the light bulb went off. How great would it be to be able to show not only step-by-step pictures of an assembly, but brief stop motion videos of each step right alongside the pictures?

So the “Pine” mashup was born. Embedded Pinterest boards + Embedded Vine videos = a brand new, unprecedented form of customer service.

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Applications for the “Pine” Method of Customer Service

Not only for assembly applications, the Pine method of customer service could be used by all sorts of brands, including:

  • Personal Trainers / Fitness Experts
  • Chefs / Cooking Instructors
  • Computer Programmers
  • DIY / Craft / Home Improvement Brands
  • Art Teachers
  • …and more

Essentially, any brand that needs to show someone how to do something could use this method of combining Pinterest boards and Vine videos to give their customers an enhanced experience with their product or service. Brands that provide an amazing customer service experience (think Zappos) retain and gain more customers than their competition, by far.

This multimedia method of customer service is not only powerful, but INEXPENSIVE to produce. Think about how much video production and website programming would have gone into creating something like this in the past. The cost of creating this type of experience would have been out of reach to most brands. But now anyone with an iPhone or iPad (and hopefully soon Android) can provide this incredible experience for their customers.

How Will You Use Pine?

What applications can you think of for this new method of social customer service? Tell us your ideas in the comments below.

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