Live Chat Software: 5 Benefits for Webshops

Time is money, and most consumers shopping online are pressed for time (and for money, too, one could argue). They want things done and they want them done fast, which is why an increasing number of webshops are backed up by powerful live chat software. That tiny contact button has an obvious benefit: instant help. But free live chat offers many more advantages than meets the eye.

Benefit #1: Boosting customer satisfaction
Chat is the best tool and the easiest communication channel to boost customer satisfaction. Don’t forget that online customers are pretty pampered creatures. When feeling lost on your site (because they can’t immediately find what they are looking for), they won’t come knocking on your door again. Instead, they’ll move on. To a competing company, that is! One that offers better customer service – through live chat software, for instance.

This is why the most successful webshops are no longer static and boring, but interactive and versatile. Just as with brick and mortar stores, the best webshops are able to tune into their customers’ needs. It’s not surprising that 63% of customers are more likely to return to a webshop with a free live chat option, and 90% of customers experience live chat as much more helpful than the static email option. Now those are the kind of numbers you want on your side!

Benefit #2: Cutting down costs
Live chat software enables you to respond more efficiently to customer calls and complaints. As a consequence, you won’t need as many customer support team members as before. If you own an SME, you might just be able to handle your customer support all by yourself.

Benefit #3: Increasing revenue
Live chat software on your webshop increases customer satisfaction, sales and revenue. A satisfied customer is likely to spend 10% more, and will even promote your products. Your online click through ratio (CTR) will increase by 30 to 50%.

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Benefit #4: Solving problems
With live chat software backing you up, you as a business owner are able to quickly and correctly solve any problems your customers may face. You can immediately address your customers’ needs, learn from them and act accordingly.

Benefit #5: Decreasing the number of abandoned shopping baskets
Abandonment rate is a real concern with online shopping. Customers who don’t like what they see in a webshop simply abandon their purchase and move onto another site. A free live chat option avoids this problem: by proactively asking customers if you can help them via live chat, you keep your abandonment rates down.

Try out Casengo to see just how live chat can change your company for the better. If you happen to have a WordPress website, you can install our WordPress plugin and use our customer support software with even more ease. And as a happy customer is the most loyal of customers, remember you don’t only implement live chat software for today’s sales, but also for tomorrow’s.

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  • Emily that’s a really good article. All the benefits that you have mentioned are certainly good for any business. Apart from these Live chat provider like ClickDesk provides real-time visitor tracking which allows an agent to see the location of visitor which is really helpful for a business providing service across the globe. They also have the facility to integrate their IM so that SMBs can also answer the chats while travelling or moving. This is really helpful for those who have a very smaller workforce in their business.

  • Edward Snowden says:

    Nice Article………….Live chat software are very useful for controlling customer queries which finally increase customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your organisation. I am also Using eAssistance Pro Live chat software which is proving very useful to my website.

  • Jeniffer Maben says:

    Fantastic job done by Emily. Live chat tool is a smart way of customer support and lead generation. Entrepreneurs are adopting chat tool for better enhancement of customer support. Many small and mid size companies are using Live2Support live chat tool. Live2Support is available at the most affordable price.

  • Zoey Richardson says:

    I accidentally came across inside , and after looking through their site, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.

  • Sophia P. Smith says:

    Great overview explaining the benefits of Live Chat. When it comes to creating good leads a more personal customer-seller relationship is vital, and the ultimate differentiator between you and your competitors.
    During the past months I have been using Live Chat in my online shop and my experience is very positive. As you mention, one of the main advantages I observe is the decrease in the number of abandoned shopping baskets
    If you are interesting in checking it up, the solution I am using right now, Visitlead, offers some interesting extra features apart from Live Chat (for ex. co-browsing, website widgets, tracking, dynamic content…) that I find very useful for the creation of leads. - –

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