Keep Seeking the Real Needs of Clients

Closer to your clientsHave you noticed people’s needs are changing on a daily basis. What was important last month or last week is not quite as important yesterday or today. People’s needs are changing daily. The line between wants and needs is growing grayer by the minute. Welcome to the information age. The internet is pushing data and information at a faster rate than ever.

As marketers, we must now be able to change at the drop of a hat and we must move quicker than ever. It can be a very stressful time.

My advice:

“Keep pushing to find out what the real needs of the client are”. – Make sure you are in contact with your client and start understanding what his/her needs are. This is especially true when working with B2B Clients. Company needs can change overnight and we may not always know what the reasons are behind such changes in needs.

“Be careful” – You need to continue to follow-up and see if that need was a true need or just a want at that particular time. If you spend your time on chasing wants, you might not have gotten to the real need.

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“Keep learning” – We are in some real changing times and you need to make sure you are open to listening to clients’ needs. Everyone is pushing for that little extra business that is out there and companies will try to get there in a number of different ways: hire new leader, acquisitions, selling off business and so on.

“Don’t Stop” – Whatever you do, don’t stop…Each night there are things that keep me up at night. We have to keep motivated. The best way I have found is to learn from other marketing professionals on Twitter and lately more on Linkedin.

Good luck and keep looking for those needs of your clients. Your hard work will pay off. Stay connected and don’t get distracted.

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