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How Video Intelligence Can Drive Service Quality

queue managementService quality plays a major role in influencing the quality of the customer experience and ongoing customer loyalty. There are touch points at every business that affect the quality of service. One of the most important is a customer’s time spent waiting in the queue.

Are customers waiting too long? Are service agents working efficiently? Are there enough open service stations relative to the number of customers waiting in line?

Fortunately, there are ways to easily and accurately monitor a queue’s real-time performance and, therefore, take proactive steps to improve service quality.

Valuable statistics and insightful data can be gleaned from video intelligence, enabling retailers and other service providers to create a proactive service environment. Traditional surveillance systems are expanding into video intelligence tools—providing real-time analyses of the comings and goings of customers, and the lulls and rushes that occur in any given period of time.

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Real-Time Queue Management

State-of-the-art 3D video appliances and analytic software enable store managers and executives to glean actionable information about what’s really going on in their queues. With the ability to monitor and analyze the ebbs and flows, day in and day out, queue managers can predict service requirements and ultimately minimize wait times and maximize customer satisfaction.

Retailers, supermarkets, arenas, airports, casinos, banks, and endless other service environments can reap the following benefits of video intelligence for real-time queue management:

  • Continuously and accurately count traffic to improve customer-to-employee ratios and reduce the length of checkout lines.
  • Measure queue length and transaction times for each and every customer in the queue.
  • Respond in real time to rushes and lulls in checkout lines and open more service stations before a service breakdown or backup occurs.

The most effective customer management systems utilize the information gathered from video intelligence and queue monitoring to avoid potential lost sales caused by cart abandonment, long lines, put-backs, or drive-bys.

Video Intelligence Creates a Win-Win Situation

Video intelligence allows service providers to be proactive about queue management—a strong sign that a business is invested in the customer experience.

Video monitoring technology eliminates the guesswork of successfully balancing customer service needs and labor costs, reducing the frustration that occurs when lines become too long. Higher up the ladder, video monitoring provides executives and front office staff with the ability to accurately track performance across multiple enterprises and regions. Combining this intelligence with sales data lends credence to many difficult budgeting, staffing, and purchasing decisions.

Businesses that closely monitor checkout queues and make customer wait time a key performance indicator have an advantage which is realized through optimized labor costs and higher customer satisfaction—and that’s a win-win.

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