How to Play ‘Santa’ With Your Clients. Don’t Sacrifice Business to Jingling Bells

How to Stay Relevant During the Holiday-Season:

Every year it seems as though the holiday season starts earlier and earlier.  The days where Christmas politely waits its turn until after the Thanksgiving dishes are put away have long gone.   As soon as we are done with our Halloween costumes and candy, jingle bells, fake snow, and holiday discounts are beckoning us from every commercial and retailer.  Whether you are someone who works in an office, amongst the people, or from home, nothing can save you from the distraction of holiday hoopla.  For businesses, this is a problem because not only are they preoccupied with end-of-year projects, but also they are competing with holding the attention of their clients, customers, and staff members.

As a business, it is important to stay in the forefront of your target audience’s mind, even though you may be competing with visions of sugar plums.  Engaging your audience during the holiday season can be a challenge, but these 3 techniques will help you stay relevant during this holiday season.

How to engage your clients/customers during the holiday season:

1.       Implement Freemiums: A free piece of content or ‘freemium’ is typically used when businesses want to implement a lead capture or engage an audience just enough to make a sale. Creating a freemium around the holidays,  can be just a little stocking-stuffer your clients can be excited about. Hey, it’s the holidays, so don’t give away your hot tidbits only when you are a little low on the leads.  Make sure you give away the goods at random without expecting an email address or an attendance to a webinar in return.  The holidays are bout giving not receiving.

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2.       Offer Exclusive Access:  As a business owner, you probably have elite products or higher-end services that only get offered to your best clients.  Around the holidays, offer a limited time access code for those who may not have the means to be a part of your upper echelon of clients.  Goodwill to all men right? Don’t be a Scrooge.

3.       Keep your content relevant: The end of the year can tend to be quite busy, so it is natural to let the company blog or newsletter fall to the end of your  priority list. However, keeping your content newsworthy and engaging will help your target audience feel as though you haven’t forgotten about them and that your priority is to speak to them about topics THEY care about.

With the hustle and bustle of holiday activity, make sure that your clients and customers realize that you (like the rest of the country) are participating in the holiday discounts, and extra attentiveness to customer service that magically appears  this time of year. Going beyond the ‘holiday discount’ model and into more of a ‘relationship’ mindset, is what will make the difference during the busiest time of year.   Your clients and customers should feel the same way as those who you have meaningful relationships with do— showered with attention/love/gifts of appreciation.  May your season be merry and bright and may all your business ventures be met with delight.

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