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Five Fast Ways to Get More Essential Online Reviews

online-reviewOne of the most important ranking factors that Google looks at when determining where to place you in their local results is the number and quality of reviews your company has online.

So if reviews influence your search engine rankings, and its been proven that 27% of customers search for reviews before hiring a local company, then how can you get people to leave more? After all, most clients just aren’t that excited to hop on their computer to leave you one.

1) Have Killer Customer Service

When do you typically leave a review of a company online? If you’re like me, you leave reviews only when you either had a really good or really bad customer service experience. There’s very little middle ground.

If people are not leaving online reviews of your company, it could be that you need to work on your customer service.

So how can you have such good customer service that people feel compelled to leave reviews? Let’s take a page from realtors.

Top realtors realize that the lifetime value of a client is in the thousands of dollars. As a result, they know that they can afford to send their former clients small gifts for the holidays; Gifts that are often personalized with the family’s last name.

The law of reciprocity says that when we are given a gift, we tend to feel obligated to give something in return. If you can put your customers in a place where they feel so good about your company that they want to give back, chances are high they’ll leave a review or two online.

2) Start With the Expectation of a Review

When you’re giving a sales pitch to a potential client mention that they will be so blown away with your service that they will leave a review online.

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By mentioning a review early on in the sales process, it’s far more likely that your customer will remember to carry through.

Repetition is a critical element to learning.

3) Ask When You’re Freshest on Their Mind

The best time to ask for a review is right when you have delivered your product or service. It’s the moment when your customer is most connected and happiest about your brand.

When was the last time that you reviewed a company months after they delivered their product? Probably never.

If you’ve done your job and delivered an awesome product or service, getting reviews at this stage is easiest.

4) Make a Follow Up Call


Follow up with all of the customers who didn’t leave a review despite your best efforts with a phone call. Don’t wait more than a month or you run the risk that they won’t remember you at all.

Approach the call as an opportunity to connect with your customers. What’s the key to good marketing? Understanding your customer’s needs, wants, fears, and hopes.

Talking with your customers is a chance to not only secure a few more reviews, but to fix problems in your company (which could be the reason why some people haven’t reviewed it), and become a better marketer and advocate for your business overall. When was the last time the owner of a company called you for feedback? It’s not something that is easy to forget.

5) Make It Easy

One of the top reasons people don’t leave reviews is because companies don’t make it easy.

A lot of your customers might not even know where to leave online reviews… or even what they are.

Creating a trifold detailing how to leave a review is a good idea – especially if you’re dealing with older people.

If you want them to leave reviews in multiple places, set up a page on your website that links the sites you’re targeting. Remember that the more websites you give them the option of choosing, the more friction there is in their decision process.

Bonus: Not all review places are equal. Focus on getting reviews on only the best sites. The best sites are the ones that Google trusts the most and ranks the highest in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google Places, Yelp, and Yahoo Local are all good choices.

What other tactics do you use to get online reviews?

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