Customer Satisfaction: 5 Tools to Get to Know Your Small Business Customers

Qr CodeWhen you are a business owner, you understand just how important it is to know your targeted demographic. While you might know which customers find value in the products and services you offer, you might not really know your customers. There are plenty of small business tools that can be used to help you get to know your clientele so that you can attract new customers and retain clients. Here are 5 of the best tools that will enable you to hear from your customers so that you can improve your service, your products, or even your procedures.

1. Receipt Responses

If you offer printed receipts for the products that you sell, receipt invitations can become an effective tool. The receipt will give the customer the freedom to take a satisfaction survey on the phone or via the Internet with a special code that can be used for tracking purposes. Filling out the survey will usually include an incentive for the customer to return to your store or receive a discount.

2. Social Media

After your satisfaction survey has been developed, you can connect with your followers and your fans and invite them to complete the survey online with a link. In a world where social media platforms are the premier places for customers to stay engaged, this is a great tool for small businesses to use. Also encourage your customers to interact and follow your on Facebook and Twitter, so your company can monitor what types of customers you have and their preferences.

3. Text Messages

If you have an SMS texting list for marketing purposes, use this list for customer experience management purposes as well. You can send your clients an invitation to complete quick surveys or respond to specific deals offered by your company. This is a good tactic to see what type of a response your company gets from text message marketing or surveying.

4. QR Codes

QR Codes have become priceless tools in a number of industries. Customers with smartphones capable of scanning have the ability to scan a QR code for direct access to your satisfaction survey. By placing the codes on your marketing materials, your brochures and printed ads can become an effective tool to get to know clients.

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5. Website Links

Your website may be a marketing tool and a customer support tool, but the feedback link can become a tool that will help you get to know what clients think about your business. Link to a questionnaire or customer comments page. Also allow for customers to leave feedback after they make purchases, which can help you evaluate your service or product.

If you want to get to know your customers, you need to be open to getting insights. Use these five tactics and others to develop channels for customer response and communication on a regular and continual basis.

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