Closer to the Customer in 2013

Connecting with clientsThis little phrase is keeping me up at night.

Just like plugging in the right connection to a device. Getting closer to the customer is often an over-used phrase. That connection, just like the cord to the right must ultimately connect if business is going to happen. It doesn’t matter how close you are, without the connection you have nothing. In addition, it is very easy to lose that connection, just one click and it is gone.

Getting “Closer to the Customer”

There is a lot of work involved with this statement. It needs to be incorporated into everything we do from a marketing stand point and client service standpoint.

We need to do the following items

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Understand Client Needs

  • What do clients want?
  • Is there information that we pass on to them that is vital?
  • Are they looking for recommendations?
  • Are they trying to also do business with our company?
  • Are they looking to resolve an issue or answer some questions at their business?

I have learned that client needs often are much different than the products or services that companies produce. As marketers and client service professionals we need to keep the conversation going so we can continually keep up with what our clients are asking for and looking for with respect to our services and making sure there is a good fit with their needs.

Capture Leads and strong information data

Data is king. Companies want to know more about their clients by collecting data and using that data to stay on their radar. Think about all of the loyalty programs that are being introduced at pharmacy stores, grocery stores and convenience stores. Companies are trying to stay connected through different means.

In addition, CRM systems are being redesigned and configured to help companies collect meaningful data. In addition, more and more companies are trying to incorporate personal account managers as a part of this process. This is where CRM systems really find their value.

Connecting with clients

This is the part that all of us who work with clients must find ways to stay ahead. How can you capture needs, record data and finally act on that data. Each company must come up with a way that is effective from a client standpoint and manageable from a cost standpoint.

It really takes a lot of work to complete this step. I know because I am currently working on a way to make it happen. This step must incorporate all facets of your company: production, marketing, service, training, etc.

Incrementally, it is possible to make small changes here and there, but ultimately I am looking for some ways to make this work globally. Herein is my goal for 2013.

I have some ideas on how to improve this process, but in the process I am uncovering a lot of little projects too. As long as my goal is to connect at a closer level with our clients, I know I am headed in the right direction. It is too easy, to just jump off and start a lot of little projects, but maintaining all of these little projects under one umbrella is really helping me see how big this topic really is and how I need to get plans in place for 2013.

What are your thoughts on this topic? If you have a thought on this topic, please send me a link to your site. I am always open to new thoughts and ideas. I also like to see how others are dealing with this topic.

Good Luck in 2013!

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