3 Simple but Important Communication Practices That Keep Customers in Your Startup

What’s the number one reason startups fail? According to ChubbyBrain, it’s because these businesses fail to give their customers attention. Ignoring customer complaints, comments, and other concerns is detrimental to all types of businesses, startup or not.  You go into a restaurant and the waiter makes you wait more than necessary, you get impatient and give a bad review or walk out. You call customer service and the agent fails to pick up, and you’re bound to get frustrated. If you don’t want to lose customers in your budding company, don’t forget to apply these useful tips:

Communicate your message clearly  keep customers startup

Your message may be a call to action, a response to a query or a problem, and the like.  It’s essential to communicate your message clearly to your customers if you don’t want to end up with a doubtful market.  You have to say what you mean and mean what you say, not only because doing so makes you professional but also because this builds your credibility.  A business that can’t state its purposes, vision, or answers clearly is bound to confuse its customers. Do you really know what you’re trying to achieve? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Can you be trusted?

To be able to do this, make sure that you have a capable team to handle your communications.  This includes your Marketing Team, company PR, customer service, and Social Media team. Provide training to help them understand what your company’s vision is and to give them comprehensive knowledge about your product and services.

Use the necessary communication tools

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Avoid scrimping on the communication tools you need. Social media is largely “free”, since sign-ups to the most popular social networks are without charge. What you do have to invest in are your social media managers and the other social network ads you may wish to post.  Apart from social media, put effort in setting up your corporate blog as this is the face you show to the online world.  An unprofessional business blog makes you look like a shady or incompetent company.  Also, don’t ignore the power of traditional marketing and advertising tools such as billboards, posters, and magazine or TV ads. Just as important is ensuring that you have the most necessary communication tools like a company phone or a PBX.  A complete PBX setup can be quite expensive, but you can cut down significantly on costs when you invest in a cloud PBX instead of traditional PBX. Providers such as RingCentral even promise up to 65% in savings and a free trial. With a cloud PBX, you can also take advantage of more advanced communication features such as Internet fax and visual voicemail.

Be consistent

You have a message that packs a power punch and the necessary communication tools for your startup. Now, effort should also go towards being consistent in relaying your message and in following through with any promises you have made.  You have to be consistent in the tone you use, your choice of words, and in your actions. These are important in establishing your brand and in showing your customers that your business is one they can trust.

Place importance in company communications to keep your customers.  Value your customers, and they’ll also value your products and services.

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