Senator Robert Menedez Shows Why You Need a Reputation Management Firm

New Jersey Senator has found himself in another catfish scandal as he has been falsely accused of soliciting a prostitute when in truth all allegations were brought in part by a competitor on the internet.

Scandals like this further prove the point that it’s not if somebody will write something negative about you or your business but when. Thankfully firms like have been saving high profile individuals for years thanks their proprietary SEO methods to suppress negative information and fixing Google auto-complete for high profile executives and businesses throughout the world.

Senator Menedez needs reputation managment after this faux scandal.

Senator Menedez needs reputation managment after this faux scandal.

Recent allegation from two Dominican women, posing as prostitutes, against Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey have been confirmed to be plot to defame the senator.  The women falsely accused the senator having paid for sex and in a sworn statement have indicated that they were paid to make such false accusations.   These unsubstantiated reports were first seen on the conservative website, the Daily Caller.  The website alleged that Salomon Melgen, Florida eye doctor, provided Menendez with free use of his private plane to travel to the Dominican Republic where allegedly Menendez engaged in sex with underage prostitutes.

Although, it is unclear why senator Menendez was targeted specifically, many have questioned the need to better protect people against internet defamation and cyber-bullying.

With the recent rise in bulling and cyber-targeting, regulation of internet content has come under fire.  Inaccurate, unfair attacks or smear jobs can adversely affect and severely damaging reputations, careers and businesses.  Recent increase in online ‘reputation defenders’ have allowed people to ensure that the internet content seen and available to the public is true and accurate.  These online reputation managers create online content to bypass inaccurate listed information on the internet websites or deliberate smear jobs by countering those sites with sites with approved content.   Furthermore, these online reputation managers also protect privacy in an increasingly un-private world, by reducing the presence of websites that might exhibit addresses, location and personal information.

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Although the scandal that surrounds the Senator have not been validated and seem nothing more than a smear campaign, the senator was placed under increased scrutiny and sparked a probe for a governmental ethics review.  This scandal sheds an unfortunate light to an increase need for internet regulation and a system to hold cyber bullies and internet smear campaigns accountable for their actions.

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