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Win Your Audience. Again. And Again. (And Again)

Consumers are eager to engage with content.

Ongoing campaigns and videos like Vodafone Firsts or the Molson Beer Fridge or #LowesFixInSix continue to get eyeballs on them because it puts the interesting content first and the brand second.

People don’t care about the brand. They care about stories. They care about laughing or crying or learning or getting something out of what you’re showing them.

So, how can you do this effectively? And not only that, but do it effectively time and time again?

You have to own your audience.

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First things first, Know your audience

Who are you speaking to? Who is this demographic? And what do they want to consume? Know that – then give them that. It’s that simple.

For example,think of the recent Heinken @WhereNext  activation. This Twitter-based campaign perfectly aligned with their millennial demographic by utilizing a platform they were already on and clearly targetting the FOMO fad held by this generation.

Know your objective

So you know who you’re speaking to – but why are you talking? What do you want your activation or video to achieve?

Is it to entertain? To surprise your audience? To educate?

Once you know what the purpose of your consumer-facing content is, you can then determine the best way to share that story.

Once you’ve got those two down pat, you start earning their attention

An audience isn’t going to grant you their time unless there’s something in it for them. What is your video doing? Is it demonstrating a new product? Sharing an interesting story? Providing entertainment? The ‘what’ is pretty open-ended – but it has to exist, or you aren’t earning anyone’s attention.

Why did everyone go crazy for Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches? People got inspired. They wanted to keep watching because it made them feel beautiful. People wanted to give it their attention because it made them feel good – not because it made the brand look good.

How can you create content that will continually encourage your audience to invest their time in you?

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