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The 5 Content Marketing Personae And Their True Impact

The digital marketing landscape has evolved tremendously over the last two years. Google has introduced the Panda and Penguin updates, and social media content distribution and sharing has become its own niche industry. This evolution has pushed inbound marketing to the forefront of the digital marketing conversation.

The Personae of Content MarketingBeing successful using inbound as a strategy requires lots of content. Many companies and agencies are beginning to realize this, and they’re scrambling to find ways to produce great inbound content that maximizes traffic and conversions from search, social and other referring channels.

It’s not easy to produce valuable problem solving or entertaining content consistently. The Internet marketing industry as a whole struggles to employ the proper mix of content marketing personae to balance and optimize quality writing with cost effectiveness and results. Below are the five content marketing personae and some of their attributes.

5 Content Marketing Personae

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*The lower the number the better

1. Employees – As content producers, a brand’s employees are knowledgeable and cost-effective. These folks are brand experts and tend to work on the front lines of an industry, so their content is very prudent. Good inbound campaigns always leverage this persona.

2. Ghost Writers – Employing ghost writers or ghost writing services has both major advantages and drawbacks. One advantage is that their services allow brands to consistently publish content. Their blog posts should act as filler content while the other personae are still writing.
However, ghost writers typically lack passion, expertise and advocacy, which cause their scores to be less appealing than the other personae.

3. Brand Advocates (Fanatics) – This is a powerful persona to leverage in a content marketing campaign. Brand advocates are motivated by their love for a brand and like to sing a brand’s praises on social channels. Encouraging them to contribute will keep your pipeline full of passion-filled content.

4. Experts – These are the people who are considered authorities and thought leaders in an industry. Experts typically have huge followings and write expert content consistently, and their influence on an industry is well-known. Contributions from experts position a brand well while exposing it to a very large audience.

5. Professional Copywriters – Having this persona contributing to a campaign definitely has an upside. However, they tend to be the least cost-effective of all the personae. While they are technically and tactically proficient, their writing typically lacks the passion of an employee, brand advocate or expert.
There’s no secret formula for leveraging the different content marketing personae. But to develop publishing capacity, frequency and consistency, an appropriate mix of the five personae is required and should evolve over time. Relying on just one of the personae will probably lead to less than desirable inbound outcomes.

New campaigns should consider employing ghost writers and professional copywriters as a start. Also, recruit as many employees as possible with the intent of nurturing future industry experts from within. Concurrently, develop outreach programs for brand advocates and experts. As the campaign grows and matures, reliance on professional copywriters and ghost writers will begin to wane.

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  • I agree that using a ghostwriter can be a disadvantage if you are not selective about who you hire. I will not work with companies I do not believe in, nor on projects I cannot drum up passion for. However, I’m insanely curious about stuff and my curiosity feeds my passion. However, as you said, it’s important to still have consistent content from the people in the company. The personae matter. And a quality ghostwriter will read what the company people have done to be able to closely mimic their tone, language and enthusiasm for the subject matter.

  • Mary:

    Thanks for chiming in – based on your comment I’d say you’re the professional copywriter persona. You may call yourself a ghost writer, but your results are of the professional nature :)


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