Struggling to Create Enough Content? Then Try Curating Too.

struggling-to-create-contentReading, writing – writing, reading… It is like a merry-go-round that never stops and there is so much information out there. With a steady stream of information coming in from your social media accounts, inbox and RSS feeds, it really is a case of information overload and I bet the readers of your blog are feeling the same too.

There is also the other little problem when creating content; what on earth can you write about that you feel contributes to your industry and has not already been written?

Why not curate content too?

If your readers trust you enough to read your content regularly, why not curate the content that you think is valuable for them in a blog post each week? Not only do you get to create a relatively easy piece of content but you will, in time and with persistence, benefit from the outcomes listed further below.

You need not be restricted to only curating written posts either. For example, you might curate new music releases or new books out that week with a link to a review for each. To avoid any confusion, the difference between this method and a list post is that you do not strive to create content, but simply link to content about the subject matter.

So the benefits…

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Build trust and authority with new relationships

The great thing about curating content is that, by sharing other people’s content, you get to build relationships where doors were once closed. Website owners will be grateful that you are sending free traffic their way and will quite often, in return, share the post you have created with their followers. In turn, their fans see that brand sharing your post and this builds trust and authority of your site.

Make your readers happy

If your industry is busy, time is precious. Saving your readers time and energy will surely make them happy and, depending on the type of content you are sharing, you may well introduce them to content that they may well have missed if you had not curated it.

Increased reader loyalty

So you have created happy readers who trust you and are ‘locked-in’. What I mean by this is that your curated content is part of their routine and they look forward to seeing what you find each time. The aim is now that your site is a go-to resource for them to find out about their industry, not because you publish breaking news first, but because you look for great content to ensure they do not miss it.

A rise in traffic, page views and time spent on pages

With Google Analytics reporting some great statistics, you will be able to evaluate how well your curated content is resonating with your readers and also if it is being shared and linked to outside of your initial circle of fans and contacts.

Increased conversions and revenue

This will be the benefit that makes it all worthwhile – without it, you are wasting your time and you are better focusing your attention on other marketing efforts. At this point, we hope you are making your Marketing Manager as happy as your readers with this useful addition to your content marketing strategy. If not, re-evaluate the content you are curating and test again, or ask your readers what they want.

I would like to end this post with a quote from Guy Kawasaki – I think he sums up the role of content curators perfectly, in light of the ever-increasing amount of content that is being created:

Eventually, content curators will be as important as the creation itself.”

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